Photos Courtesy of Bobazona

Bobazona, a family-owned business, held a ribbon cutting this summer to celebrate the opening of their second location.

The boba and gelato shop is owned by Youssef Bastawy and is in the Bashas’-anchored shopping center on the northeast corner of Lake Pleasant and Beardsley. In addition to drink offerings like the Black Sugar Latte, Mango Prickly Pear Refresher, and Guava Jasmine Tea, gelato from Villa Dolce Gelato Italiano is served.

The original Bobazona opened in 2020 in Goodyear. Based on its success, Bastawy brought the concept to Peoria. According to Bobazona’s Facebook page, Bastawy has plans to open another location in Peoria soon.

“When we first started Bobazona, we came to this epiphany that we like two things a lot: Boba and Arizona. Bobazona. Bobazona. Hey! That has a ring to it,” says the company’s website. “What if we started a shop called Bobazona selling tasteful drinks that are fun and innovative? We like the sound of that. That’s the story of Bobazona in a nutshell. We decided it was time to pursue our own dreams and start something special.”

Bobazona is located at 20283 N. Lake Pleasant Pkwy., #109, Peoria. For more info, visit