By Ava Hiniker
Photo by Mike Clevenger, featuring model Lori Young

It can be a struggle to find the perfect photo spot in the repetitious hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, for those yearning for a beautiful, personalized venue to snap a picture with their friends and family, Scottsdale Selfie may be the perfect place.

Located at 11111 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite #120A, Scottsdale Selfie is a family-owned photography studio filled with interactive installations ranging from intricately painted murals to completely furnished themed rooms. Props and backdrops begging to be mixed-and-matched are spread throughout the facility, allowing visitors to customize their photo layouts to be exactly how they want them. Portable ring lights equipped with Bluetooth connection also ensure that all lovingly crafted snapshots are sure-fire keepers. With just a phone and the power of imagination, all who visit Scottsdale Selfie are guaranteed truly unique and outstanding end results.

“We are looking to create an environment for our neighbors, friends, and tourists to come have fun and enjoy some creativity,” says Scottsdale Selfie owner Mike Clevenger. “Whether it’s through date night or a friends’ night out, we want to make our community just a little bit of a better place to live by helping to create some memories.”

This one-of-a-kind “experium,” or “experience museum,” provides a variety of different appointment types to best fit your preferences. After scheduling a reservation on the Scottsdale Selfie website, visitors can purchase individual tickets to explore the breathtaking art installments that Scottsdale Selfie has to offer. Those looking to see the wonderful sights, snap some gorgeous selfies, or make new friends are free to roam the studio at a self-guided pace and let their creativity run wild. Additionally, if you’re looking for a unique get-together idea or a picturesque scene to organize fabulous family portraits, Scottsdale Selfie offers personalized private parties for all your birthday, reunion, or bachelorette needs. They are also a BYOB approved facility if you’re looking for a little something extra for your stellar celebrations. No matter what you choose, Scottsdale Selfie allows all visitors to create high-quality masterpieces with just the tap of a screen.

“We’ve done podcasts, yoga retreats, teambuilders, professional headshots, and so much more,” says Clevenger. “Scottsdale Selfie is really opportunistic for anything social. There are a lot of challenges in the world that all of us face daily, but this is a little corner where you can separate yourself from that, have some of those good belly laughs with your family and friends, and really just be yourself.”

Scottsdale Selfie currently has over a dozen entirely unique photo spots for anyone to visit and make their own. These installations are constantly changing with the seasons to ensure an entirely new experience with every visit. This month introduced four Valentine’s Day themed installments for all lovebirds looking for an entertaining and memorable date night experience.

To learn more about Scottsdale Selfie or make reservations, visit their website at For the latest updates and sneak peeks at coming installations, follow Scottsdale Selfie on Instagram @scottsdale_selfie, TikTok @scottsdaleselfie, and their Facebook page @ScottsdaleSelfie.