By Jeremiah Sosa
Photo Courtesy of Lake Pleasant Brewing Company

A new hotspot for beer lovers just opened its doors in North Phoenix—Lake Pleasant Brewing Company. This local brewery was founded by Nick Kelley and Dustin Westby, two former co-workers who quit their day jobs to pursue their passion of craft brewery.

“We were wanting something more than what we were getting from our corporate jobs. We did well, we had a lot of successes, but we were never really fulfilled and one of the things that Nick and I always bonded over was beer,” Westby says.

Westby explains that he and Kelley have been brewing with each other for 10 years, but only established a plan to make it a business in 2019. After signing a lease for a North Phoenix facility in 2021, the duo wanted to get their building open as soon as possible, but they encountered some challenges along the way.

“We faced a lot of issues with the supply chain, and just getting products in, and getting the work done,” Westby says. “We persevered through a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and blood, sweat and beers, but we made it through.”

Westby and Kelley held their grand opening on February 11, with six taps on deck, including a Blonde Ale, a Cucumber Lime Gose Sour Ale, and a Dry-Hopped Amber.
“People drink beer in the good times, we drink beer in the bad times, we drink it to celebrate, we drink it to console,” Westby says. “Nick and I, we came together, and we wanted to find a place for the people, for the community, something that would bring people together in good times and bad.”

Westby says that their facility can accommodate over 100 guests, and they have a beer garden and a taproom where locals can meet, drink, and play games like shuffleboard and cornhole.

In the future, Westby and Kelley look to grow their business outside of brewing and selling beer, including offering guided tours of their brewery, in hopes of giving people a deeper understanding of the craft.

“We want to create a very personal experience for our customers that are coming in, rather than just walking into a bar to grab a drink,” Westby says. “We want it to be like you’re a part of the family.”

Lake Pleasant Brewing Company is located at 1950 W. Rose Garden Lane, #130, in Phoenix. To keep up with Lake Pleasant Brewing Company, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram @lakepleasantbrewing or visit