Information and Graphic Courtesy of the City of Peoria

Following a robust, transparent public process, the Peoria City Council has adopted a final redistricting map, Map 4, which is in full compliance with all federal laws and legal redistricting criteria.

The final map was selected out of five qualifying finalist maps and will be effective for the August and November 2022 elections.

“After a robust and citizen-centric redistricting process that included eight in-person meetings, two virtual meetings, an online engagement process and online mapping software, Peoria City Council approved a new council district map,” says Mayor Cathy Carlat. “All of the maps we reviewed were submitted anonymously by the public and I am thankful for those who engaged in this important process. The final map meets all federal legal requirements and keeps communities of interest intact. I am proud to support a map that was created by our community for our community.”

The city’s Redistricting Committee coordinated a two-phase public engagement process. In addition, the city made available an online mapping application that allowed residents to create their own district maps for consideration. The second phase included nearly four weeks of public engagement to collect resident feedback on the five finalist redistricting maps. During this outreach period, a complete summary of data on minority and population changes for each of the finalist maps was available on the redistricting website and at the in-person meetings. This included detailed boundary lines, population counts and deviations, a compactness measure, and demographic information.

Redistricting is required by federal law and pursuant to Peoria’s City Charter after a decennial census count to rebalance populations in each of Peoria’s six council districts. In addition to the legal requirements that districts must have substantially equal population, be in compliance with the Voting Rights Act and be contiguous, council unanimously approved additional criteria to assist in the process. The council-adopted criteria stated that districts should be compact, follow visible or man-made boundaries, not contain more than one master-planned, age restricted community, preserve communities of interest, and strive for continuity in office.

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