Photos by Eat Drink Creative Agency

Tempe is buzzing with excitement as Frutilandia and Taqueria Factory launch their first-ever dual-concept restaurant at Arizona Mills, 5025 S. Arizona Mills Circle. This opening, which took place in late January, marks a significant milestone for both Arizona-based brands, offering a fusion of flavors under one roof.

Frutilandia, cherished for over 18 years in the local community, is renowned for its authentic Latin and Mexican desserts. The family-owned establishment, spearheaded by the Garfio Family, has made a name for itself with its signature raspados, featuring housemade syrups, along with a variety of tropical frozen drinks, aguas frescas, ice cream desserts, and milkshakes.

Complementing these sweet offerings is the savory counterpart, Taqueria Factory, known for its bold Mexican flavors. Patrons can indulge in an array of fresh salsas, guacamoles, and a selection of mouth-watering dishes including quesabirrias, birria ramen, carne asada, al pastor and shrimp tacos, and burritos. The experience is elevated with the addition of real fruit margaritas, Mexican beers, and micheladas.

Situated within the state’s largest indoor, climate-controlled outlet mall, this dual-concept restaurant offers a convenient dining experience for shoppers. Just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of retail therapy, customers can now enjoy a unique culinary experience. Moreover, its proximity to the Arizona State University campus, only 10 minutes away, positions it as a go-to spot for students and faculty alike.

“We are excited to premiere this unique, dual-concept restaurant in the vibrant community of Tempe,” says Gamaliel Garfio, co-founder of Frutilandia and Taqueria Factory. “By combining the best of both worlds with Frutilandia and Taqueria Factory, we aim to provide our guests with an enhanced food and beverage experience in a one-stop location.”

Co-owned by franchise partners Briana Garfio and Edward Valdez, the new location boasts a 3,200 square-foot space. It includes a walk-up counter for dine-in and takeout orders, a dining room accommodating up to 98 guests, a margarita bar, an outdoor dining patio with misters, and a traditional drive-thru. This design caters to a diverse range of dining preferences, from leisurely sit-down meals to quick on-the-go orders.

The innovative combination of Frutilandia’s sweet treats with Taqueria Factory’s savory dishes in this dual-concept venue introduces a unique dining model in Tempe, promising a memorable and diverse culinary journey for all who visit.

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