By Tom Sertich
Kirk Development Company

Design trends come and go frequently, so the best idea is to select those designs that work best for you and your family. Since kitchens are the heart of the house most decisions will be made according to lifestyle. Before you finalize your decisions make sure you have done your homework to ensure you’re getting what you are expecting. Below are a few ideas that are currently trending.

White and grey have continued to be popular and this is not expected to change in the near future. Darker wood cabinets have rebounded in kitchens where there is plenty of natural light.

Smart kitchens are changing at such a fast rate, it is hard to keep up. New appliances and special features can be added to most existing kitchens. There is such a wide variety, you will need to make sure your selections work best for your lifestyle. Of course there are those features that make working in the kitchen more fun.

Simple is still popular with nice clean lines and subtle colors.

Farm sinks make a statement when you walk into the kitchen. They are deep and easy to clean. Most custom cabinet shops can either make a new sink cabinet to fit into the existing space or they can customize the existing cabinet to fit your new farm sink.

Quartz is still high on the list for most home owners. New colors have been introduced and quartz is not porous which makes it easy for cleanup.