ARIZONA HELPING HANDS (“AHH”), the State’s largest provider of basic needs for Arizona’s 15,000+ children in foster care has seen meteoric growth in their services over their 20 year history. The latest big step forward is the planned opening of the Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation Foster Care Resource Center. The organization has acquired the former Arizona Sunrays Gymnastics Center located at 3110 E. Thunderbird Road in North Phoenix. This 18,000 square foot facility will be renovated and improved to provide a one-stop shop to meet the needs of boys and girls in foster care.

This is a huge accomplishment for a home-grown charity. Dan Shufelt, President and CEO of AHH tells us that, “Arizona Helping Hands was founded in the living room of Paul and Kathy Donaldson in 1998. From our humble beginnings as a group of friends who volunteered their time to fill special needs for people in our community to today, when we are leading the charge to make lives better for kids in foster care, this has been an amazing journey.”

“Our new facility will allow us the opportunity to partner with other charities to provide multiple services to foster families. With thousands of children in foster care today, this new endeavor is another gigantic step forward”, Shufelt says. “The services we provide continue to expand, and this space will open the doors to serving more kids and increasing the reach of our important programs that bring hope and safety to children who have been victims of abuse and neglect. We are so grateful to the Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation for seeing the merit in this project and propelling us forward.”

The Organization plans a major renovation of the site, building a welcome, friendly environment where families can feel safe and supported. The theme will be one utilized in AHH brochures of “The Care Barn.” It will expand upon the AHH reputation of being THE PLACE WITH THE STUFF for kids in foster care. 2,908 children received beds and cribs from AHH in 2017 alone. Other programs including a holiday toy drive, a back to school drive, and a year-round program celebrating birthdays assisted more than 20,000 children last year.

The gift from the Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation is the lead gift in a capital campaign to make this project a reality. AHH is hoping to raise a total of $3Million to purchase, renovate and improve the property. The construction team includes project manager CRESA, architect CORGAN and general contractor JOKAKE CONSTRUCTION. Additional funding has been provided by the TW LEWIS Foundation and more partners are being sought to make this project a reality benefitting child in foster care throughout the State.

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