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You’ve driven by it, and it’s one of your landmarks for direction. It’s Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC). And what you may not know is plenty.
To begin, for more than 30 years, PVCC has offered quality educational programs. The beautiful campus is nestled in neighborhoods in Paradise Valley/North Phoenix and close to Scottsdale, Cave Creek, and Carefree. While it’s a great place to get basic quality instruction, it’s so much more. The institution has become a notable place for learners, the community, and employers.
PVCC offers expected core classes and programs in fields including technology, behavioral sciences, education, business, health science, and visual and performing arts. What sets the college apart from other colleges is its unique courses and programs.
Stage Combat
Are you a thespian or theatre buff with training in stage combat? If not, here’s your opportunity just down the road. PVCC is the first college in the nation offering a Stage Combat CCL and the only school in Arizona. Students and working professionals receive training and come back often to keep certifications current.
Under the direction of Andrea Robertson, students learn compulsory techniques for safety, theatrical commitment, and believability with a dramatic context when acting out stage violence while remaining safe and creating an accurate depiction for the audience.
“I feel lucky to be able to share my love for this art with my students,” Robertson says. “So many plays and movies depict violence, from sword fights to guns firing to slaps and falls. I believe in safety and repeatability for the actors; they should safely be able to repeat a fight or a move without injuring themselves or others. But just as important is to make sure we are making it look real, so it helps tell the story of characters to the audience.”
Clinical Research
To support the person with a clinical mind and goal for a career in this field, PVCC offers options in the Clinical Research Program with two specialized certificates of completion: Clinical Data Coordination and Clinical Research Coordination. In the data program, a person gains the necessary skills for collection, cleaning, and management of data in clinical trials. The research program helps a person to actively support, facilitate, and coordinate daily activities within clinical trials, which includes managing recruitment processes, monitoring and communicating with participants, collaborating with investigators, and preparing essential documentation.
Business Entrepreneurialism
The training offered in the business program is ready-made for the demands of workforce development and designed to meet the ever-evolving job market. PVCC has strategic partnerships with local businesses to create a dynamic learning environment extending beyond the campus. This path of study is designed for students who have an interest in business management and administration, finance, hospitality and tourism, culinary arts, and marketing. This pathway leads to careers in accounting, marketing, small business, and more. Students dive deep into this program and then dive right into their careers.
EMT and Paramedicine
The EMT and paramedicine program is recognized nationally, and the accredited programs give students an upper advantage in entering their careers in emergency medical services. As a bonus, students’ practical experience involves a functioning training ambulance.
“The ambulance serves as a powerful symbol of the exciting opportunities in this line of work,” says Kevin Taussig, program director. “It allows our students to hone their skills in the educational setting while also providing real-life, hands-on experience.” PVCC is just one of a few select programs in the state that has an emergency vehicle.
New Four-Year Degree and “Sprint” Schedule
Now the institution offers a four-year degree. Future teachers can earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary and Special Education at a fraction of the cost of a university. This program prepares pre-service teachers to educate diverse learners. Upon completion of the BAEE/SPED, students are eligible to seek the Standard Arizona Teaching Certificate in Elementary Education (K-8), Standard Arizona Teaching Certificate in Special Education (K-12), and the Structured English Immersion Endorsement.
Also new is the Puma Sprint Schedule – an accelerated program for students who want to fast-track their college courses. Courses are designed to meet the AGEC (Arizona General Education Curriculum core courses) to transfer to the university and are taught in a hybrid eight-week format with math and sciences spanning 16 weeks. Classes are set up in a hybrid format – in-person instruction and activities paired with online coursework – and supplemental instructional material delivered over eight weeks. All this makes for more than a landmark to drive past. It makes for a great reason to stop, learn about what you can learn about, and then learn why this institution is all about educating the whole person so you’re ready for opportunities coming your way.
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