Renaissance Highly Gifted Academies provide an all-day self-contained gifted learning experience addressing the individual and unique needs of gifted learners. Students acquire a solid foundation in the content areas of mathematics, language and communication arts, social studies, science, and technology literacy.

“We are so fortunate to have our children in the Renaissance program! We would highly recommend the Renaissance program to any family with a gifted child,” said Kate Lyster, Highland Lakes parent.

Deer Valley Unified School District is proud to offer this unique opportunity at two of our campuses. The Renaissance Highly Gifted & Music Academy at Highland Lakes School focuses on highly gifted learners with a passion for developing diverse musical talents. Three full-time Music/Band teachers work to offer many musical options and choices at this campus. Serving Grades 1 – 8, Highland Lakes is located in the Arrowhead area.

The Renaissance Highly Gifted & STEM Academy at Canyon Springs STEM Academy focuses on highly gifted learners with a passion for the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM.) A full-time Gifted STEM Specialist works with classroom teachers to integrate STEM activities meaningfully into the daily classroom lessons. Serving Grades 1 – 8, Canyon Springs is located in the Anthem area.

Both programs offer smaller class sizes, technology rich classrooms, multiple after school clubs and activities, Spanish as a second language at all grade levels, and gifted certified teachers.

“We are extremely grateful for the Renaissance Program. Our child is thriving in the self-contained gifted classroom where he has a teacher who is an expert in working with gifted children and their particular needs and where he is surrounded by other like-minded children,” said Curtis Baker, Canyon Springs parent.

Students work at advanced levels within these content areas at a more in-depth and at an accelerated pace than in typical classrooms. Learning opportunities include engagement in higher order and critical thinking skills; problem and project-based learning units; personal development and responsibility; and community and peer involvement.
Students must meet gifted identification criteria, and apply for placement into this program. Because of lower class size, space is limited. The first round of applications is due on April 30.

For more information, program tour dates, and the online application, please visit: