HI, MY NAME IS… Julie Dunnigan.

I’VE LIVED IN PHOENIX FOR 10 YEARS AND I LOVE IT BECAUSE… I see blue skies and sunshine every day. And since most people who live in Phoenix are transplants, they are eager to make new friends. My neighbors have been so welcoming.

A TYPICAL DAY IN MY LIFE INCLUDES… work meetings, lunch with friends, brainstorming new ideas, and connecting with the amazing people who support our work at Cancer Support Community Arizona. In the evening, I like to unwind by listening to a good book while playing puzzle games on my phone.

MY FAMILY IS… always there for me. They are incredibly supportive, and I could not do what I do without them.

ONE THING I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IS… my daughter. She is the light of my life and my favorite person in the world. We share a love of travel and have been to every continent together.

MY FAVORITE MOVIE I COULD NEVER GET TIRED OF WATCHING AND WHY… I am a huge fan of epic fantasy novels, so I have watched the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy many, many times. I may or may not own the director’s cut DVD set.

WHEN I WAS YOUNGER, I WANTED TO BE… an astronaut. Then I realized I get nauseous from riding the Teacups, so that probably wouldn’t have worked out.

THE SONG I WOULD SING AT KARAOKE NIGHT IS… “Summer Nights” from the movie “Grease,” since it’s one that is typically done as a group. I don’t think I would sing anything solo. You probably wouldn’t want me to.

THE ONE PERSON WHO MOTIVATES ME IS… our participants at Cancer Support Community Arizona motivate me every day to do everything I can to ensure “no one faces cancer alone.” It takes courage to ask for help, and I am grateful for their trust.

THE LAST THING THAT MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD WAS… my daughter, dressed up for spirit day at school. The theme was “soccer mom and barbecue dad,” so she drew on a unibrow and a mustache, stuffed a pillow under her shirt, threw a ball cap on, and grabbed a pair of tongs. I almost fell off my chair.

THE PERFECT DAY IS… going to Disneyland with my family. It’s my happy place. When I walk through the tunnel under the plaque that reads “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy,” I forget about all my worries and turn into a kid again.
MY FAVORITE LOCAL NONPROFIT IS… Cancer Support Community Arizona, of course! We provide no-cost emotional and social support for anyone impacted by cancer.

MY LIFE IS… better than I could have ever dreamed of.

THE BEST GIFT I’VE EVER RECEIVED WAS… surviving cancer. It makes me appreciate each day, knowing there are no guarantees.

MY DREAM VACATION WOULD BE… a trip around the world. There are so many places to see, cultures to experience, people to meet, and food to eat, that it will take a lifetime to get to it all.

THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE I’VE EVER RECEIVED IS… what other people think of you is none of your business.