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As temperatures soar, Gecko Climbing Gym shines as an oasis of cool and exciting experiences in the Valley, welcoming everyone from families looking for a unique, active bonding activity to climbers eager to advance their skills. This season, the gym unfolds a host of activities, catering to climbers of every age and skill level, in its state-of-the-art facility.
Opened in April 2021, Gecko Climbing Gym spans an impressive 11,440 square feet, boasting amenities designed to suit every climber’s needs:
• 15-foot bouldering walls for practicing powerful moves
• 30-foot roped walls, providing a challenge for climbers of all abilities
• 10 autobelays, enabling solo climbers to enjoy the experience safely
• A 12-foot Kilterboard and treadwall for a dynamic climbing workout
• A basketball court and 9-square court in the back, offering more ways to stay active
• An exciting ninja grip course, adding variety to fitness routines
• A specially designed kid’s climbing wall complete with a 6-foot spiral slide
• A range of yoga classes including mat and aerial yoga, alongside traditional fitness equipment
• A gear shop and snack bar for all climbing and refreshment needs
• A fully air-conditioned facility, ensuring comfort during the hot summer months
• Social spaces perfect for hosting events and gatherings
Kids Summer Camps
From May 20 to August 2, Gecko Climbing Gym’s summer camps offer children aged 4 to 15 a unique blend of fun, fitness, and learning. Over 11 weeks, these camps provide an exciting mix of climbing lessons, yoga, arts and crafts, and a variety of both indoor and outdoor games. The camp schedule is thoughtfully spread out with sessions from May 20 through August 2, including special programming for July 4. Each day is carefully structured to maximize fun and development, with camps running Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and doors opening at 7:45 am. To accommodate busy schedules, aftercare is available until 5 p.m. for an additional fee.
Catering to different needs, the camp offers both full and half-day options, priced at $85 for a full day and $55 for a half-day, with discounted rates for multiple days. Snacks and drinks are provided, and a nutritious lunch option is available for $7 per day. Additionally, Gecko Climbing Gym members enjoy a 10% discount, with further discounts for siblings. This program promises not just a fun-filled summer but also an opportunity for kids to grow in confidence, develop new skills, and make lasting friendships.
Birthday Parties and More
Gecko Climbing Gym is also an ideal location for birthday parties and celebrations, accommodating all ages. With climbing activities, customizable options like neon light glow parties and yoga, these events are sure to leave lasting memories. Whether you prefer a celebration with staff belayers or a more independent experience, the gym provides a perfect setting.
Youth Teams
For aspiring young climbers, Gecko offers youth teams categorized by age and skill level, providing an excellent opportunity for skill development and competitive climbing. The Green Geckos club, which meets on Saturdays, is perfect for younger children, combining climbing and yoga in a fun, engaging environment.
Arizona Women’s Climbing Coalition
Every third Wednesday, Gecko Climbing Gym hosts the Arizona Women’s Climbing Coalition’s meetup, known as the Gecko Gals. This gathering not only focuses on climbing but also fosters empowerment and connection among women in the climbing community.
Adult Climbing Programs
Adults interested in climbing can take advantage of the gym’s wide range of classes, from beginner to advanced levels, including personal coaching for a more tailored approach. Whether it’s about achieving specific fitness goals or learning advanced climbing techniques, the gym’s expert coaches are there to guide every step of the way.
A Family-Friendly Climbing Hub
In addition to a climbing facility, Gecko Climbing Gym is a community center where families and individuals can find common ground, connect, and grow. With a family-friendly atmosphere, it’s an excellent place for building relationships, confidence, and physical fitness. Members enjoy unlimited access to climbing, yoga, and fitness areas, with a variety of membership options available.
Second-Floor Amenities
Gecko is also adding 2,500 square feet of additional space on a second-floor mezzanine platform—1,000 square feet will be for dedicated cardio and fitness equipment, and 1,500 square feet will host a new 60-foot-wide by 15-foot-tall boulder. This additional space will benefit the growing climbing community.
Gecko Climbing Gym stands as a comprehensive, inclusive, and exciting destination for everyone this summer. Whether you’re a seasoned climber, a family looking for an adventurous outing, or a newcomer to the sport, Gecko offers an environment that caters to every need, ensuring a memorable and enriching summer experience.
To celebrate their three-year anniversary, Gecko Climbing Gym is holding an anniversary event on April 6 and welcomes the community to join in the festivities. Call 623-248-0890 for details.
Gecko Climbing Gym is at 24400 N. 19th Avenue, Suite 115, in Phoenix. Visit to learn more about their summer camp and what the gym offers to the North Phoenix community.

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