By Puff & Fluff Grooming & Pet Sitting

Our pets are dear members of our families, and we want to treat them with the ultimate kindness and love! Here are some things that pet owners should know; advice that ultimately makes it easier for us groomers to care for your beloved furry friends. These five tips below will not only help us, but it will give your pet a better overall experience during their grooming session as well. We’re all in this together – let’s help lend a paw to one another!

  • Prepare Your Pup Early
    Groomers love ALL dogs! Sure, we’ve seen it all, but it makes our jobs easier if you’ve already been conditioning your pet for grooming. Work with your new pup to get them used to the idea of being held and having their limbs moved around a bit. Get them used to water, combs, nail clippers, etc.

Naturally, some dogs will always be more anxious than others– that’s okay! We just ask that you try and ease that anxiety a bit.

  • Brush Your Dog often
    While your dog will be brushed when brought into the groomer’s, that’s not enough. If your dog has long hair, it’s important to brush them often. This will help to keep their coat shiny and healthy!

Visit your groomer every 6-8 weeks and brush them in between visits. If you don’t do that, your furry friend may need a radical shave to get rid of knots and matted hair. Brush, brush, brush!

  • Be Detailed with your requests
    When you drop your dog off at the groomer, please be detailed! We want to ensure there’s no miscommunication when it comes to length and styling. However, it is important to listen to your groomer’s recommendations. Coming in with a photo found online doesn’t always mean that will work for your particular dog, but you surly can ask. Come in with questions and we’ll be happy to help find the best grooming solution for your precious pup.
  • Your Anxiety Won’t Help
    It’s true – your dog can sense when you’re feeling anxious! If you’re anxious about dropping your furry friend off at the vet, chances are that their anxiety will rise as well. Try and relax when bringing your pup in for a nice grooming. We promise to care for your dog as if it’s our very own. The calmer you are, the better the entire process will be.
  • We Are Not Your Vet
    If you have questions or concerns about grooming your dog, great! We are your people! However, groomers are not substitutes for vets. We ask that you take your pup for regular check-ups. If they’re unwell, bringing them to the groomer’s will put other pups at risk – we don’t want that!

The folks here at Puff & Fluff want to make your pet’s grooming experience as pleasant as possible! We hope these tips help you and we can’t wait to meet your pets!