PVSchools is excited to announce the Arizona Challenger Space Center/The Challenger Learning Center of Arizona (CSC of AZ) as one of its newest community partners.

CSC of AZ will provide educational services and programs to students throughout the district, as well as surrounding communities. The Foothills Resource Center has been chosen as the base location for CSC of AZ.

“We are thrilled about our new collaboration with the Arizona Challenger Space Center. This exciting partnership will help us expand our STEAM/STEM education program and provide innovative and authentic learning opportunities for students, staff and the community for years to come,” said James P. Lee, Ed.D., superintendent of PVSchools.

PVSchools offers a wide range of innovating K-12 STEAM/STEM programs, including:
• Center for Research, Engineering, Science, and Technology (CREST) program at Paradise Valley High School
• A fully integrated STEAM program at Desert Shadows Elementary School
• Project Lead the Way at Desert Shadows Middle School, Explorer Middle School, and Horizon High School
• Elementary Pull-out STEM programs
• Career and Technical Education course at Horizon High School, North Canyon High School, Paradise Valley High School, Pinnacle High School, and Shadow Mountain High School

CSC of AZ brings its affiliations with NASA, Challenger National Learning Centers and the Smithsonian to the partnership with the Paradise Valley school district. “We have an 18-year history of advocating for and providing quality STEM education,” noted Bob Rasmussen, CSC board member. “We’ve worked with 32 school districts and many other organizations to offer our simulated space missions, STEM workshops, and programs to continue to advance education in Arizona.”

About The Arizona Challenger Space Center
The Arizona Challenger Space Center, an affiliate of Challenger National, is an organization that was created by the surviving families of the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster. The organization’s vision was to create a living tribute to those brave pioneers and visionaries by encouraging students to learn about the wonders of our universe and the world in which we live. The goal to inspire, excite and educate people of all ages is a commitment that the more than 40 Centers throughout the world share.