By Just Your Average Joe

This month I was asked to do a review on Fixin’ To Eat in Peoria. As usual I did a little research prior to heading out and the first thing I learned was they are not a restaurant. So how would I do a restaurant review on “not a restaurant?” With a little more digging I found out that I was in for a treat. Tonight, I was going to get to enjoy all of the great food I would normally get eating out, but from the comfort of my cushy couch!

Meal prep companies have been popping up around the valley for years. The trend is typically based around healthy or specialty diet plans. However, some like Fixin’ To Eat decided to buck the trend and simply provide great tasting meals for busy families. There are a few different ways to work with them. First is the DIY theme – schedule a time, go down and put your own ingredients together (yes, you follow their recipe) and take home your meals to eat or freeze for a later date. Second, and the way I did it, is to order ahead (online or by phone), they prep it and you just swing in and pick it up. The third option is to order online, and have it delivered to your home.

What are your choices? The current menu is always available online but make sure to check in regularly for new items. Some of my favorites are the Apple Pie Enchiladas, Coconut Curry, Fresca Seafood Tacos, Honey Mustard Chicken and Italian Stuffed Peppers. For my choice tonight I went with the Garlic Rosemary Steak and a side of creamy mashed potatoes. I picked this up and took it straight home for cooking, so I did not have to thaw anything out. Following the cooking instructions, I was able to bring the meat to a perfect medium rare. Was it flavorful? Absolutely! The seasoning was perfect and enhanced the natural taste of the meat. The potatoes were packed full of “wow” and complimented the steak. The portions for each were more than enough to fill me up. I can honestly say the meal exceeded my expectations. Price wise, you simply cannot beat this.

I am out visiting restaurants throughout the valley on a regular basis so eating at home is not something I think about a lot. Part of it is the luck of this gig, but mainly its laziness on my part. The thought of having to go to the grocery store, purchase ingredients, and then cook it without destroying my kitchen sounds draining. That being said, this was incredibly easy! Factor that in with the costs involved with eating out or the waste in spoiled food each month from the grocery store, Fixin’ To Eat is a bargain!

Fixin’ To Eat is located at 8940 W Bell Rd., Suite 101 in Peoria. Check them out online at

Fixin’ To Eat
8940 W Bell Rd., Suite 101