Nancy Gutfreund, a local director and writer, will present a show of Arizona writers reading their true life, personal stories called “For the Love of Story” on Saturday, May 7, at 4 p.m. The show will be performed at the outdoor Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion in the Carefree Desert Gardens, located at 101 Easy Street in Carefree.

“For the Love of Story” showcases an array of humorous, poignant, and inspiring personal stories by local authors. These writers are all ages—from accomplished published authors to first time writers. Stories include adventures of flying carpets in Istanbul, a young girl overcoming her first heart break, moving to Arizona with a Jewish immigrant father, a hysterical story of an Alaskan dog musher, and more.

“I believe that telling our stories brings our community together in a personal and entertaining way,” Gutfreund says. “The show is designed to create empathy, engagement and fun, which is so needed in our present time.”

“Telling personal stories is a tradition that spans across the world,” she adds. “There is a renaissance of this time-honored art form from The Moth Radio Hour and Story Corps to other venues across the country.”

Gutfreund says that she has participated in similar shows and is excited to bring this venue where people can experience the richness of writing and sharing their authentic, personal stories to the North Valley community. Her background includes a degree in theater from UCLA, studying acting at The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City, and a lifetime of community theatre performances.

Admission to this event is free but donations are welcome. E-mail
[email protected] to learn more.