Images Courtesy of Carrie Severson

What does it mean to be enough? For years, local entrepreneur and writer Carrie Severson struggled with her own enoughness.

Like so many women, she constantly questioned if she was thin enough, wealthy enough, young enough, or fertile enough. But instead of finding answers, she ended up battling professional and personal burnout by the time she was 35. Once she had a grip on her happiness again, she put her full attention on her love life. As a single woman, without her own children, she decided to create a Plan B and a Plan C for herself.

After two failed rounds of IVF, and many bad dates, she finally came to the realization that to feel like she was enough, she had to heal herself and create massive change in her life.
Shining the light of love on both the good and the bad of that process, Severson shares her soul quest and how she learned to navigate her own enoughness. With honesty, tenderness, and vulnerability, she taps into a powerful shared reality, illuminating the experiences so many women go through as they, too, struggle to define success and self-love.

“Unapologetically Enough” is a raw, relatable story of what happens when one woman stops questioning everything about herself and her life and starts questioning what her life could be like if she accepted herself as enough.

Complete with exercises to help readers redefine their own thoughts about success and self-love, this memoir was written to inspire and support women on their own journeys of self-discovery.

“Unapologetically Enough” is available for pre-order anywhere books are sold and will be released on May 24. For more information, visit