By Shay Moser

What if we focused more on the conditions for creating health rather than treating disease with prescription medications and medical procedures? This simple change in perspective is the foundation of functional medicine and fitness: addressing the root causes of chronic ailments. It’s also the wellness philosophy that Health Cellutions in north Scottsdale embraces.

Dr. Brian Thompson founded the one-of-a-kind health and performance studio in 2020 to offer non-invasive programs to provide result-oriented “cellutions” to encourage regeneration and recovery of the whole body. The studio combines biological knowledge with cutting-edge technology to create an environment where the body’s natural healing ability takes over. Through various services, Health Cellutions works to address and eliminate the underlying causes of pain instead of only managing symptoms.

“With functional medicine and fitness, our diagnosis doesn’t stop at the symptom or illness level,” says Dr. Thompson, the studio’s director. “We continue to peel away the layers to identify the source of that symptom or illness, almost always at the cellular level.

“If we address the root cause,” continues Dr. Thompson, “whether it be metabolically with hormones or the thyroid or a pinched nerve through the spine of the muscle or a previous injury, the symptoms disappear.”

How Health Cellutions came to be
An advocate of natural healing throughout his profession, Dr. Thompson began his career in dental surgery before founding Global Strategies Inc. to offer strategic consultations and professional business coaching to healthcare practitioners throughout North America. After losing close family members unexpectedly to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, he wanted to focus more on natural healing to help others live their best life possible, and Health Cellutions was the answer.

Dr. Thompson applied Health Cellutions’ natural healing practices firsthand when his son was in an accident, severely fracturing his spine and feet. His son was told he could never walk or put pressure on his feet again. “The doctor said he’d need spinal fusion and rod implantation surgery,” he explains.

Instead of surgery, Dr. Thompson used Health Cellutions protocols on his son. After undergoing regenerative pain and performance therapy, Dr. Thompson’s son regained the full function of his back and feet. He could walk his mother down the aisle at his sister’s wedding six months after the accident.

“We believe that our bodies are designed to heal themselves,” Dr. Thompson says. “If we give our bodies the energy, exercise, nutrients, and oxygen, and increase the blood flow into compromised areas, like my son’s feet and spine, we get healing. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, not to be medicated, radiated, and cut into.”

Functional medicine and fitness services
Health Cellutions’ unique integration of cellular health, fitness, and data-driven performance technology addresses pain, performance deficiencies, weight issues, hormone imbalance, bladder incontinence, and cognitive health.

“We’re a hybrid of ancient wisdom that includes acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, and ultra-modern technology,” Dr. Thompson says.

Dr. Nicole Turcotte of Get Well Scottsdale joined Health Cellutions this month to offer naturopathic, hormonal, and nutritional health services. Acupuncture, massage, and IV therapy are also available at the studio.

“Everything we do is customized,” says Dr. Thompson. “That’s why we have the various specialists on board, such as exercise physiologists and acupuncturists. That’s why we have all these modalities, so we can customize the care to specific needs to overcome challenges.”

A few modern modalities at Health Cellutions include PEMF Pulse therapy and low-level electromagnetic pulses to soothe damaged joints, reduce inflammation, and speed up the body’s natural healing process. Oxygen training, cryotherapy, and infrared sauna technology heal chronic physical ailments while providing therapeutic advantages.

In addition, Health Cellutions provides modern strength and fitness benefits with the Vasper system, Adaptive Resistance™ exercise machine, and Skier’s Edge. Each training system has distinctive features and advantages and ensures users actively increase their strength, speed, and stamina steadily and in a much shorter time than the gym.

Health Cellutions was invited to Gronk Beach, presented by The Beast Unleashed, at the Super Bowl 2023 at Talking Stick Resort to highlight and offer demos of these existing fitness modalities and introduce new fitness systems. “They invited us because we’re the only facility in the state with all the equipment to treat the whole body naturally,” Dr. Thompson explains.

One new fitness modality, the EMFACE® system, demoed by four-time Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski and other celebrities at the event, stimulates, tones, and tightens facial muscles. Another demonstrated method targets the abs, so users get roughly 20,000 supermax contractions in a 30-minute session.

Personalized metabolic testing and nutritional assessments are also available to guide healthcare routines and meal plans tailored to individual needs.

Health Cellutions offers a complimentary session to new clients. After discussing challenges and goals with Dr. Thompson, the first visit includes a studio tour and custom plan.

“We typically start with the energy modalities and oxygen during the first session to reduce inflammation and increase the natural detoxification pathways throughout your body,” says Dr. Thompson. “This gives the client more function; if we have proper hydration and add oxygen therapy into the mix, the whole circulatory system, respiratory system, and every cell in the body begins to function optimally, the body can heal itself.”

“We’re here to help you function better on a cellular, physical, emotional, and mental level,” Dr. Thompson says. “We don’t have side effects from what we do here. We have side benefits.”

To learn more and begin naturally healing, visit or call 480-553-9171.

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