Carolyn Berry, owner of Clean Colonic, answers frequently asked questions about colonics (known as colon cleanses or colon hydrotherapy).

Q. What made you get started in the colonic business?
A. I had a lot of food allergies and was allergic to almost all foods. For example, I ate cheese pizza once and had to go to the ER! In fact, I had to walk around with liquid Benadryl in case my stomach swelled up. I also had a lot of problems with my uterus. I had cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, and was diagnosed with adenomyosis. My doctor recommended that I get a hysterectomy because I had been suffering with these issues for more than 20 years. Instead, I opted to look for other solutions. A friend suggested that I get a colonic. Even though I didn’t think they were connected, I was desperate to find some relief. After seven sessions, the very next month I had no issues with my uterus – no cramps or pain. My stomach went down and, when I went back to the doctor, I had no more cysts and the adenomatosis was gone. Today, I have no more problems with my cycle. I also now have no food allergies and can eat anything. In fact, my favorite thing on the menu to try is truffle mac and cheese!

Q. What are some of the benefits of colonics?
A. We have heard several testimonies to the various benefits that clients experience. The main ones are weight loss, and relief of constipation, gas, and bloating. Most people do not realize you can hold five to 45 pounds of fecal matter at one time in the large intestine. Once that is eliminated, clients experience a smaller waistline and a flatter stomach. Many also find that they have more energy.

Q. What can I expect for my first colonic?
A. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you may think! At Clean Colonic, while you fill out our intake form, we have you watch a short informational video. Even though we cover all the questions and go through the process with you in person, we find that our clients are more comfortable getting to see what will happen first by watching the video (this same six minute video is available on our website for prospective clients to view). The procedure takes place in a private, clinical setting, affording both modesty and dignity, while allowing the practitioner ease-of-use. The LIBBE device that we use is comfortable and creates a simple release of the contents in the large intestine (colon) during a 40 to 45 minute session. A trained certified colon hydrotherapist is always nearby to monitor and provide assistance and comfort as needed.

Q. Is it clean and sanitary?
A. Yes! One of the reasons I named the business Clean Colonic is because I wanted to dispel misnomers and allow everyone a clean and sanitary experience. An odor exhaust system for the colonic is attached to the class two device, which ensures that the session room and entire center remain odor free. Our clients describe their sessions as comfortable and clean.

Q. If I consider myself healthy and go to the bathroom regularly, do I need a colonic?
A. We recommend that everyone get a colonic because you may be surprised how much your colon holds onto. You just never know what’s going on in there. We have had clients who fasted for 20 days, came to get a colonic, and were amazed at how much they released. We suggest starting with two sessions, two days in a row for best results. A colonic can help with so many areas and kick-start your body to heal itself. More and more research shows the gut is the “second brain.” Start from the inside out and give your colon a fresh start with a good cleanse!

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