Information and Photos Courtesy of the Musical Instrument Museum

Enjoy the worldly tunes of these eclectic performers in September.

Sept. 21
Formed in the southern Sahara, Grammy-winning ensemble Tinariwen has been playing its unique brand of desert blues for over 30 years. The group created a modern desert rock sound, transposing traditional melodies of the Tuareg on the electric guitar and mixing them with blues, rock, pop, Berber, and Arabic influences.

Yamma Ensemble
Sept. 25
Israel’s Yamma Ensemble performs original contemporary Hebrew music that stays true to the character of the Middle East, where its members were born and raised. The group’s soulful music is accompanied by ancient musical instruments from the region—such as the kopuz, duduk, ney, and oud, as well as various percussion instruments.

Le Vent du Nord
Sept. 26
Le Vent du Nord leads the way for Quebec’s progressive francophone folk movement. The award-winning band draws from traditional sources to augment its original compositions, enhancing its highly rhythmic, soulful music—rooted in the Celtic diaspora—with a broad range of global influences.
Sept. 27
Cimafunk is an Afro-Cuban rock star. His stage name refers to his heritage as a cimarrón—Cubans of African descent who resisted and escaped slavery—and to the essence of his music, which subverts conventional sounds with rhythmic innovation. In highlighting Cuban rhythms and traditions and infusing sounds and styles from Africa and the United States, Cimafunk has created something unique and special, in terms of not only his music but also his values. He is redefining contemporary Cuban music, Afro-Latin identity, and the fusion of Black cultures.