Harkins Theatres recently announced plans to bring its new dine-in theatre concept to the new mixed-use development underway on the former site of Paradise Valley Mall.

Harkins Ciné Grill™ will feature made-to-order cuisine, craft cocktails, local brews and traditional movie theatre bites combined with Harkins’ state-of-the-art moviegoing experience.
“I’m thrilled for the opening of our dine-in theatre, combining the magic of our state-of-the-art cinema and chef-inspired cuisine,” says Dan Harkins, Owner of Harkins Theatres. “Bringing these together is sure to make the Harkins Ciné Grill™ moviegoing nirvana.”

The theatre’s craft kitchen and cocktail bar will offer guests made-to-order dishes from a full-service menu, curated cocktails and local beer and wine selections that they can order from their seats. Orders will be delivered discreetly before the opening credits begin, giving moviegoers time to settle into their Harkins Ultimate Loungers without interrupting the moviegoing experience. Each theatre’s indoor/outdoor bar and lounge will open onto an expansive outdoor patio that is perfect for private events and as an additional gathering place for guests to enjoy each other’s company before and after the movie.

“We look forward to welcoming guests to settle into a comfy Ultimate Lounger®, enjoy a delicious meal, relax with handcrafted cocktail and lose themselves in the exceptional cinematic experience of Harkins Ciné Grill™,” says Mike Bowers, President and CEO of Harkins Theatres.

Theatre highlights will include:
• Plush leather Ultimate Lounger® electronic recliners and personal tables with reserved seating in each auditorium.
• State-of-the-art laser image and immersive sound.
• A full-service scratch kitchen.
• Indoor/outdoor cocktail bar, lounge, and outdoor patio.
• Advance online/app food and beverage ordering.
• Elegant lobby design and décor with a sleek, modern flair.

Harkins anticipates starting construction in 2023. For more information, visit Harkins.com.