Photo courtesy of Harkins Theatres

In an innovative step for Arizona’s entertainment landscape, Harkins Theatres has opened a new cinematic concept at Lake Pleasant Towne Center: the Harkins Ciné Grill. Known for its iconic theaters across the state, Harkins is now merging dining, top-tier technology, and films, setting a benchmark in the domain of luxury movie-watching.

The decision to launch the flagship Ciné Grill in Peoria emerged from a longstanding demand. The Northwest Valley community has been vocal about wanting more cinema options, and Harkins, already having a presence in Park West, recognized this as an opportunity. Given the warm reception by the local community and businesses, Lake Pleasant Towne Center was the ideal starting point.

Diverging significantly from their traditional theaters, Harkins Ciné Grill is designed to enhance the viewing experience, offering an all-inclusive atmosphere for guests. It boasts features that stand out, such as an indoor-outdoor cocktail bar, a sophisticated lounge, a patio that serves as private event space, and state-of-the-art cinematic technology, including cutting-edge laser projection and immersive surround-cinema audio across all auditoriums.

One of the core attractions is the dine-in concept. As moviegoers lose themselves in cinematic narratives, they can savor a range of culinary delights from a full-service scratch kitchen. The theater seating has been optimized for this experience. Each seat, apart from being cushioned and reclining, comes with swivel side tables, allowing guests to comfortably place their food and drinks.

Going a step further, Harkins ensures that the dining service doesn’t disrupt the film-watching experience. The theater provides restaurant-style service, with designated servers who attend to guests and deliver orders directly to their seats. A service button ensures that guests can summon help whenever needed.

The menu stands out not just for its range but also its suitability for a theater setting. From Harkins’ signature popcorn to gourmet dishes like roasted brussels sprouts, carne asada nachos, and chicken tenders, there’s something for every palate. An added advantage is the online ticketing system that doubles as a food ordering service. This means guests can time their food to be ready exactly when they want, resulting in a seamless, full-service experience.

Ciné Grill is also a welcoming space for those who simply want to drop by for a meal or sample one of their custom, movie-themed cocktails. Whether it’s enjoying a relaxing evening in the lobby, the patio, or at the bar, Harkins invites everyone for a unique experience.

With a sensible blend of gourmet food and the latest films, Harkins is geared up to expand the Ciné Grill concept across the Valley. The enthusiasm and collective effort behind this project are palpable, and it stands as a testament to Harkins’ commitment to redefining the movie-watching experience.

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