By Ava Hiniker

As time goes on, injury and pain often become a constant in many people’s lives. Whether it be through inflammation, chronic muscle pain, or a struggle with sciatica, many find that combating years’ worth of physical ailments is no easy feat. However, for those looking for a fast and revolutionary method of reaching their body’s peak performance, a remarkable local solution is available to help you dramatically reverse your biological clock.

Located in North Scottsdale, Health Cellutions is a one-of-a-kind health and wellness studio that utilizes the concept of cellular health to encourage regeneration and recovery. Specifically, this means that the studio combines biological knowledge with first-rate technology to create an environment where the body’s natural ability to heal takes center stage. Through a wide array of available services, Health Cellutions works to address and eliminate the root causes of pain instead of simply managing symptoms.

“I’ve been a student and practitioner of natural healing for about four decades now,” says Health Cellutions founder Dr. Brian Thompson. “By first working to energize individual cells, the body is truly able to heal itself from the inside out. It’s about getting every cell in the body healthy – whether they make up the bones, muscles, or brain – until the entire organ system follows suit and people can heal faster, feel better, and see an increase in physical performance.”
To reach these stunning results, Health Cellutions has countless available programs and services to suit patients’ individual goals. One of the most dynamic examples includes the use of PEMF Pulse Therapy and low-level electromagnetic pulses to soothe damaged joints, reduce inflammation, and speed up the body’s natural healing process. Similarly, oxygen training, cryotherapy, and the use of infrared sauna technology are all capable of healing stubborn physical ailments while providing key relaxing and therapeutic benefits. By taking the initiative to cure and restore with Health Cellutions, muscle tears and aches that would usually take upward of eight weeks to fully heal can be repaired in less than a fourth of that time, allowing patrons to revel in newfound peace and comfort sooner and longer, according to Thompson.

Health Cellutions also provides the perfect opportunity to work on improving your physical strength and fitness. Those looking for fresh and intriguing ways to work up a sweat will be amazed by the assortment of dynamic and effective machines they have to offer. This includes the compressive high-intensity Vasper system, the consistent and precise ARX exercise, and the swift Skier’s Edge workout. Each training regimen has its own distinctive style and benefits for the body, ensuring the optimal workout for you is just a test run away. At the same time, each of these workouts ensures that you’re actively increasing your strength, speed, and stamina in a steady and shortened time frame that rivals the countless hours one typically spends at the gym each week. Health Cellutions also offers personalized metabolic testing and nutritional assessments to provide health care routines and meal plans handcrafted to fit your individual needs. With innovative workout techniques and a crew willing to help along the way, guests of all ages can improve their physical performance while taking that extra step to effectively recover after every session.

Health Cellutions offers a complimentary first session to those looking to get started. With your free trial, you can meet with a professional about what you’re looking for during a tour of the state-of-the-art technology before making any major decisions. After that, booking a second visit is as easy as visiting their website or calling the office. With something as simple as a personalized pain relief session or a quick spin on the amazing workout machines, a visit to Health Cellutions will dramatically change the way you think about exercise and recovery.

Health Cellutions is located at 31313 N. Scottsdale Road. To learn more and to get started on your natural healing journey, visit their website at or call their office at 480-553-9171.

Schedule a complimentary first session by calling 480-553-9171.

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