The President’s Veterans Day Proclamation states;

Today there is, and perhaps there always will be, conflict in the world. But the United States fortunately enjoys peace and freedom. Like other things of great value, this security did not come cheaply. Part of the cost has already been paid by Americans who answered the call to military duty when their country needed them. They served in 11 wars, from the Revolution to the Persian Gulf, earning the special distinction “veteran.” But another part of freedom’s cost must continue to be paid long after the guns have been silenced. This debt is owed America’s veterans. Some need their country’s help, even as their country once needed theirs, to readjust, to recover from wounds, or to overcome hardships of age and infirmity. Most ask nothing in repayment of their sacrifices. Let us continue to help those veterans in need with the greatest possible compassion and efficiency. To the rest, since they ask no special help, we can best pay tribute this day by recognizing what they have achieved and joining them in their resolve to keep America strong and free.

Ridgeline Academy paid tribute honoring our veterans with a Veterans Day Assembly November 10 that included invitations to the community at large.  The Assembly started with a warm introduction and welcome by Ridgeline Academy’s principal, Keven Barker, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and a student quartet leading the National Anthem.
Teachers, staff and students shared in making for a memorable event.  Mr. Ahn sparked the idea to have a Veterans Day Assembly and arranged speakers and the treats provided to the local veterans that came to participate in the event.   Martin Moreno’s art classes  created murals and supervised students with the many of the dedicated wall hangings honoring our veterans displayed on stage, in the school hall-ways as well serving as a backdrop to the special assembly.
Music Instructor, Miss Davis, orchestrated the songs performed by students that rang of patriotism.   The National Junior High Students started early that morning arranging the art contest entries that were shared by all and exhibited at the foot of the stage. Veteran guests were recognized and gave speeches sharing what being a soldier meant to them.

“This is the time to use the knowledge you gain here to develop your minds and hearts, with that you are stronger than any soldier on the battlefield,” 82nd Airborne Division, Kosovo Liberation Veteran J. Adam Burch, said with a smile.

Rob and Sondra Sherman from the local community attended as both family members and as a decorated veteran.  Sondra Sherman reflects on the event.
“I must say on his behalf that he was thrilled to have been included in the school event and he nearly bust out in tears when Anna & Mikey’s classmates cheered and applauded upon announcement of his name.  I also found it very humble that he only included one of the several honors he received during his tours on the form he filled out for the assembly,” Ms. Sherman shared proudly.

Visiting veterans toured the school with Crystal Telep and were impressed by all the door decorations that laced the halls with memorabilia, camouflaged battlefields, flags, ribbons, stars and stripes.  Veterans enjoyed the stroll while judging the art on the doors and awarded a prize for the best door decoration to Ms. Lane’s fourth-grade class.


It was a day of remembrance and a day to be remembered.  “I am honored to be part of a school that is so willing to give back,” Ms. Telep said in closing.

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