When it comes time to replace your flooring, many homeowners may be nervous at the seemingly daunting task. But, lucky for Valley residents, Healthy Home Flooring—a locally owned and operated flooring company—is here for them every step of the way.

“We are locally owned and operated by family and our mission is simple: we are a family, so think like a family and discover the best ways to provide great flooring, at an exceptional price, for families,” according to Healthy Home Flooring. “We are a flooring company that cares, and we realize in life that there is nothing more important than family and taking care of your loved ones. At Healthy Home Flooring we value your family’s well-being and helping to make it the best environment for a beautiful, comfortable, healthy, and happy home.”

Braden Sherman is a customer experience and marketing expert at Healthy Home Flooring. She shares that Healthy Home Flooring aims to “floor” customers with their quality products and services from the very first phone call.

“The first phone call from a potential customer is always a chance for us to take our time and get to know the customer and their family’s needs,” Sherman explains. “We consider ourselves a family, so we want to make sure that each customer is treated like we would treat our own family. We totally understand that having your flooring replaced can be a scary process! But we want potential customers to know that we are there for them every step of the way.”

The Healthy Home Flooring Difference
Healthy Home Flooring specializes in providing high quality flooring products that are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and low maintenance once installed. Customer service and making things as convenient as possible for clients is always top of mind.

“From start to finish, top to bottom, one call does it all,” according to Healthy Home Flooring. “Same-day appointments, evenings, and weekends are available as well. We will bring the store to your door and give you a free in-home estimate with no hidden extras or unknown costs. You get to see the samples in your home’s lighting next to your furniture and decorations.”

Sherman shares some other ways that Healthy Home Flooring stands out:
• They offer an amazing “worry-free guarantee” with most flooring installations that is good for years.
• They offer a lifetime labor warranty.
• They specialize in free in-home shopping and direct pricing.
• Once a project starts, they will demo and haul away old flooring for free.
• They are courteous and clean up during the project.
• They call while the project is happening and afterward to follow up after to ensure customer satisfaction.
• And many more!

“We will floor you with our quality,” according to Healthy Home Flooring. “As you don’t have to lift a finger: with our white-glove services, that include moving your heavy furniture, appliances, replacing your baseboards with new ones, removing the old flooring, hauling it away, and dumping it for you. Our job is done when your happiness exceeds our expectations by making your lives easier while leaving your house looking new and happy for years to come. Taste is a matter is of choice. Quality is a matter of fact.”

As a bonus, Healthy Home Flooring offers a free air duct cleaning service with each installation as a way to say thank you for choosing them to install your family’s flooring.

“Choosing Healthy Home Flooring (HHF) to replace the carpet in our home was the perfect decision for us,” says Kristina B., a recent customer. “We felt appreciated, respected, and valued by the employees at HHF from our initial call to inquire about pricing to the completion of installation. We were nervous about having someone come for an in-home estimate because we were not sure what to expect. At no time did we feel pressured or obligated to choose their company. We felt they provided ample information for us to make our purchasing decision. The crew that installed the carpet were professional and courteous. Throughout the process HHF made sure to keep us informed of what to expect during the next steps and continually checked in to be sure we were satisfied with the service we were receiving. They even came back after install and completed an entire home disinfectant fog completely free of charge. We highly recommend Healthy Home Flooring for all of your flooring needs.”

Sherman shares that there are always promotions and savings happening and—with the motto of treating customers like family—Healthy Home Flooring is always looking to provide clients with the best deals possible.

Healthy Home Flooring also does their part to give back to the local community. Sherman shares that the company has given back to nonprofit organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. “As a family-owned and operated local company, we feel it’s important to give back to the local community,” Sherman says.

Healthy Home Flooring would also like the community to know to keep an eye out for them as they have big plans to continue to grow in the local market. “We can’t wait to floor more local residents with our quality products and service,” Sherman says.

To learn more about Healthy Home Flooring, visit healthyhomeflooring.co or call 623-404-4444.