Established in 1984, Cornelis Hollander Jewelry Designs is located in the heart of the Scottsdale Art District and specializes in customized engagement rings and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

“We’re family owned and operated, which means you’ll find us paying closer attention to each individual piece of jewelry and providing higher quality pieces,” says Walter C. Hollander, owner of the shop and son of its namesake, Cornelis.

Walter shares that there is originality in every piece, and it has been that way since the beginning.

About Cornelis Hollander Jewelry Designs
Founded in 1984, Cornelis Hollander Jewelry Designs is a full-service jewelry design company. Its jewelry has been distributed throughout the U.S. and internationally. All of their jewelry designs are manufactured in their local studio.

A native of the Netherlands, its founder, Cornelis Hollander, studied art and jewelry design at the Vrije Academie in Den Haag, Holland. As a young graduate, he apprenticed for two years in Hatton Gardens, London’s renowned jewelry district. Adventure then called young Cornelis to Johannesburg, South Africa — the diamond and gold capital of the world —where he opened his studio and started designing jewelry. Living and traveling in Africa, the young designer’s imagination and creativity were blooming. After several years, adventure called again — this time to America, where Cornelis and future wife, Christa, settled in Phoenix.

Over the years, his natural talent was refined by education, travel and diversified cultural experiences. After winning award after award, he became one of the premier jewelry designers in the world. Sadly, Cornelis passed away in 2017, but his son Walter honors his memory by continuing to run the shop.

“Over the years we have updated the technology used to make our jewelry, improving quality, and found new sources for the precious metals, diamonds, and gems, improving price, but my dad’s incredible reputation and unique vision continues through the new pieces we create,” Walter says. “I work hard to keep my dad’s distinctive geometry and sculptural style of jewelry alive.”

Cornelis Hollander Jewelry is proud to offer custom designs. Often, customers bring their own special gemstones or outdated jewelry to upgrade to a modern designer look. Beyond its local availability, custom designs are also available for those who live out of state. The shop operates with an old-world philosophy of trustworthiness, honesty, and hard work. Therefore, the sales team doesn’t rely on high-pressure techniques but instead focuses on the history of humble artistry and beautiful designs that sell themselves, according to Walter.

The Process
The Cornelis Hollander store has a large selection of signature designs but their custom jewelry process looks like this:

Discovery: The first step is to find your perfect ring. In your initial consultation, they will share ideas, discover your preferences, and determine what you’ll love wearing.

CAD Design: Next, they transform your ideas with their 3D-modeling system. State-of-the-art computer-aided design software will bring your vision to life.

Modeling: Once you have created your ring, they will produce a model with a 3D printer.

Casting: Now to turn the 3D printed design into platinum, gold, or silver.

Fabrication and Setting: After that it is time for assembly and then it is given to one of their trusted, professional stone setters who will painstakingly set each diamond or gemstone before the final polishing.

The Final Product: “This step is why we get up in the morning. It is the finale of all our hard work and brings us immense satisfaction because our rings always exceed expectations,” Walter says. “The beauty, craftsmanship, quality, and weight are indescribable until you’ve held one in your hand.”

One-of-a-Kind Engagement Rings
Walter shares that the shop recently did a re-branding, naming each of their most popular engagement rings and adding new photos and descriptions to their website.

He says that one of the most popular styles is the Modus. The ring is described as: “A ring unlike any other; that defies expectations of what jewelry should look like. This ring has dramatic features and a cult-like following. The center stone is held with four elongated prongs and the diamond bar that touches the finger and arches upward. This ring is symbolic of bringing your perfect love into being – having won the heart that matters most and defied all odds.”

He explains that the shop has sample designs of all of their popular rings on site, then customers can take it from there and customize the ring to their own specifications. Some of the most common trends include re-purposing an old engagement ring or other jewelry or having man-made diamonds or moissanite in the center to save on costs.

Speaking of costs, Walter says customized jewelry is often more affordable than customers first expect. “We have such a wide variety of jewelry—we can even make something new out of jewelry you already have,” he explains. “Customers will certainly find value in coming here.”

Cornelis Hollander Jewelry Designs is located at 4151 N. Marshall Way in Scottsdale. To learn more, visit their website at, call 480-423-5000, or
e-mail [email protected].