By Dr. Morgan Massingale, back pain expert at Ethos Integrative Medicine

Does this sound like you?

You’ve seen everyone for low back pain and are still left without solutions. You’ve tried therapeutic massages, but the pain came back (or worse, was aggravated). Chiropractic care only offered temporary relief, your physical therapist put you on the same exercises as everyone else, the pain management doctor did a nerve ablation and told you to stop being active, and the orthopedic surgeon told you that you weren’t a surgical candidate and would need to wait until it got worse.

As someone who specializes in treating back pain, I hear these stories all the time. I know how frustrating it is to feel like you’re stuck at square one. But the silver lining is, you’ve actually eliminated the majority of causes for your low back pain. If you’ve seen everyone and are still experiencing back pain, your story is likely one of these commonly missed pain patterns:

Pattern One
“My pain is worse when I sit, stand, or lie down for a long period of time. I’m constantly having to shift my weight to ease the discomfort, and even have trouble sleeping because of it. If I go from sitting to standing, it fires up. The pain starts in my lower back and travels down the back of my thigh and side of my leg. Everyone thought it was sciatica, but none of the treatments worked.”

Pattern Two
“My pain gets better with rest, becomes aggravated with movement, and sometimes travels towards my butt. If I get a massage, it feels better for a bit — then gets worse a few hours later. Pressure usually makes the pain worse.”
Pattern Three
“I’m scared to throw my back out again. When I’m in pain, I can’t do anything; It happens when I don’t expect it — like when I’m picking up my kid’s toy.”

Get Back Into Action
If one of these experiences sound similar to yours, your pain is likely a ligament, nerve, or muscle problem — and not the ones you’ve been told about!

I’ve spent years researching and treating patients experiencing these patterns, and I don’t want you to be stuck at square one.

With our 90 Minute Deep Dive (which includes our Pain Profile, 32-Point Back Inspection, Precision Back Scan, and Diagnostic Mapping Technique) we’ll not only get you an accurate diagnosis (and explain it to you!) but will also provide you with a personalized treatment plan to effectively treat your pain and prevent it from coming back.
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