Hi, my name is… Iliana Dodge.

I’ve lived in north 32nd for nine years and i love it because.. It has everything—great neighborhoods, schools, parks, restaurants, and shops—and the community continues to grow while still maintaining its charm.

A typical day in my life includes… It always starts with a cup coffee but after that it’s a juggling game between being a mom and helping run our business, Black Rock Bouldering Gym. Bouldering is a form of rock climbing, and we’re proud to be the largest bouldering gym in the state of Arizona. In addition to climbing, we also have an expansive fitness area, climbing classes, yoga classes, circuit training classes, personal training with CPTs, and youth programs. Our motto is to “move with a purpose,” and we make sure our community is always inspired to move while inside Black Rock.

My family… Just welcomed our first daughter, Isabella! Her furry siblings, Sydney and Charlie, are so excited to have a new sister.

One thing I cannot live without is… Music. It was, and continues to be, a big part of my life. It also raises my spirit, makes me think, and fuels my creativity. Sure, I could survive without it, but life would probably be boring.

My favorite movie I could never get tired of watching and why…Forrest Gump. We all know the movie does a great job of showing hope and perseverance. But my favorite part is how Forrest was never insecure about trying something new and wasn’t afraid of failure, which is a great life lesson.

When I was younger, I wanted to be… A CIA agent, just like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. I was really into the idea of doing something that others can’t do and being really good at it.

The song I would sing at Karaoke night is… “We Are The Champions” by Queen. Champions are found everywhere and in all walks of life. To look back on all the things that you have accomplished and the trials that you have gone through qualifies you as a champion.

The one person who motivates me is…My husband. He is my biggest source of inspiration and my strongest supporter as well. His dedication to Black Rock is what drives me, and our successes motivate me to keep pushing.

The last thing that made me laugh out loud was… My daughter giggling! It’s contagious!

The perfect day would be… Hanging out on the beach with my husband, daughter, dogs, and no phones.

My favorite local nonprofit to visit is… Home Fur Good. I’m a huge dog lover and, if I could, I would adopt all the dogs in that building.

My life… Is a whirlwind but I wouldn’t have it any other way!
The best gift I’ve ever received was… I jokingly told my husband one day to not buy me flowers and to give me a quarter instead. It’s been three months and he has given me a quarter every day since.

My dream vacation would be to… Hawaii! I love the culture, the weather, and, of course, the beach life.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever received… The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.