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Many people are saying goodbye to their gas and charcoal grills and opting to purchase a wood pellet smoker grill instead. A wood pellet smoker grill is very versatile — you can expect delicious food, whether you want to smoke a brisket over the course of many hours or grill up some burgers for a quick dinner. While a wood pellet smoker grill is a great investment, a quality model can be expensive. Therefore, if you spend money to buy a brand new wood pellet smoker grill, you are sure to want to be able to use it for as long as possible. Use the following tips to help you properly maintain your wood pellet smoker grill so you can use it to prepare delectable food for years to come.

Keep Your Wood Pellet Smoker Grill Dry
Once you set up your new smoker grill it is important to keep it dry at all times. If moisture builds up inside the smoker grill, the wood pellets that fuel it will turn to mush and then cause a serious blockage when they dry out. When you’re not using your wood pellet smoker grill, you should keep it covered to help ensure that it never gets wet while outside. Your best bet is to purchase a cover that is designed for the smoker grill model that you have.

Stay On Top of Cleaning
In order to ensure that your wood pellet smoker grill functions properly, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Regular cleaning will also prevent your food from being contaminated with soot, tar and other debris that can build up inside the grill if it is not cleaned after use. Vacuuming out the firebox for any ash is a must every few cooking sessions. Before cleaning your smoker grill, make sure that the grill is cold and has not been used recently. You can use dish soap and water to clean the grill rack. Also, make sure that you empty the drip pan and scrub the grease shoot. Allow your smoker grill to dry completely before you use it again.

Do Visual Inspections
Each time you use your wood pellet smoker grill, it is a good idea to do a visual inspection. Pay careful attention to the condition of the paint on the outside of the smoker grill. If you notice that there are areas with peeling paint, take care of the issue promptly. Failure to address peeling paint can lead to your smoker grill rusting, decreasing its usable lifespan.

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