Pickleball Passion Inspires Jigsaw Health to Launch Specialized Product

By Amy Wolff
Photos by Kimberly Carrillo

From music parodies about clean hands to dancing lobsters, pickleball songs and epic Braveheart spoofs, Jigsaw Health is not your average nutrition supplement company.

“I bet we are the only dietary supplement company in the world that has a full-time sound engineer and a costume budget,” says Patrick Sullivan Jr., co-owner of the Scottsdale-based business. “It’s that kind of quirkiness that makes our company unique. Our goal is to bridge the gap between health and entertainment. We call it edu-tainment!”

Company Inspiration
Jigsaw Health opened its doors in 2005 as the brainchild of Pat Sullivan Sr. He struggled for years with various health challenges including everything from trouble sleeping and low energy to anxiety, stomach problems and depression. Determined to find holistic ways to feel his best, the senior Sullivan began reading every medical journal he could get his hands on, hoping to find causes for the medical issues he was experiencing. His theory was, “if there is an effect, there must be a cause.” But how to get the answer was the challenge.

Sullivan Sr. concluded there wasn’t a magic bullet to achieve a healthy life, but that it happens in increments. This theory not only inspired him to write a book, “Wellness Piece by Piece,” but ultimately led to the opening of Jigsaw Health. Being a health advocate is the cornerstone of Jigsaw Health’s existence.

One of the company’s most requested products is MagSRT®, a highly absorbable, slow-release magnesium supplement that helps reduce occasional muscle tension and cramps and leads to healthy energy levels, better sleep and a healthy heart. This top-rated product was even part of a 2018 human clinical trial with results published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition. MagSRT® is the foundation of the Jigsaw Health company.*

It’s sister product, Jigsaw MagSoothe™, was the inspiration for the company’s most recent music parody video, “Baby, Just Try MagSoothe,” set to the tune of the holiday classic, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” The premium, fast-acting, calming magnesium glycinate powder supplement helps relax legs, muscles and brains for better sleep.*

Pickleball Passion
The family-owned and operated company also finds inspiration for new products in some of the most unlikely places – like the pickleball court. An obsession with the sport is what led Jigsaw Health’s principals to create a new product in 2020 called Pickleball Cocktail™.
When Sullivan Jr. and his wife, Ashley Leroux, started playing pickleball in 2018, like most players, they quickly became addicted. They loved pickleball so much they began incorporating the sport into their nutrition, hydration and supplement business.

“We connected almost by accident with this community of people who are active and interested in being healthy and feeling good,” says Leroux. “Now, Jigsaw sponsors six of the top 10 pro pickleball players in the world. Yes, there are professional pickleball players! It’s the fastest growing sport in the world and The New York Times even heralded it the ‘perfect pandemic pastime.’”

The sport of pickleball has seen a 650% increase in player numbers over the past seven years, according to the USA Pickleball Association, and boasts more than 3.3 million players worldwide. The paddleball sport combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. And, while anyone can play, the sport is especially popular with people 60 years and older. However, the largest growth has been with middle-aged participants who are looking for opportunities to be social, competitive and active.

“Whether you’re a new player or a seasoned pro, you know cramps and dehydration can derail a pickleball game pretty quickly,” says Sullivan Jr. “When my wife and I began playing pickleball regularly, we learned firsthand that it can be a very physically demanding sport. Cramping is an especially common problem for pickleballers, which is why we designed our new Pickleball Cocktail™. It’s the perfect way for players to start the day so they can keep their muscles happy while playing ‘just one more game,’ five or six times.”

Pickleball Cocktail™ is a sugar-free, orange-flavored electrolyte powder containing 800 mg of potassium, roughly the equivalent of two bananas. It also includes DiMagnesium Malate, a patented, energizing form of magnesium, as well as sodium-chloride to keep pickleballers hydrated, energized and cramp-free, especially during long tournament days.*

“Most players don’t realize there are actually two types of muscle cramps,” adds Leroux. “If you start cramping during a game, that’s a sign that your body is low in potassium. If you cramp up in the middle of the night, that’s a sign your body is low in magnesium. Jigsaw’s Pickleball Cocktail™ addresses both of these concerns.”

In addition to Jigsaw’s Pickleball Cocktail™ and corresponding “We Love Pickleball, Too,” commercials, the company is best known in the pickleball community for creating the musical parody, “I Wanna Dink with Somebody,” featuring Leroux singing a catchy rendition of a Whitney Houston classic to video clips from 63 different pro and amateur pickleballers. The video has more than 300,000 views online to date.

Feeling Good Translates to Happy Employees, Customers
In 2015, Jigsaw Health had seven employees, but over the past five years, the company has tripled its business and nearly quadrupled its workforce.

“Jigsaw Health currently has 21 employees in Arizona. Our company prioritizes a positive work culture that has been purposely and intentionally developed and curated,” says Leroux. “When employees are happy, so are customers. Customer happiness is everything to us. It’s our passion. It’s our mission. And it’s truly an honor to know we are helping our customers feel their best.”

Although many family-owned companies saw a downturn in revenue in 2020, Jigsaw Health and its team of people gracefully and diligently focused on serving customers during the challenging time.

According to Sullivan Jr., the company has put a lot of work into developing standard operating procedures, automating workflows and implementing a range of technologies that contribute to the business’ ability to grow and scale without having to rapidly hire people to keep up with the growth. “This strategy allows us to take our time when hiring to be sure we get the right people in the right roles,” he says.

The majority of Jigsaw Health’s business is done online, with roughly 80% of its sales made directly to consumers. Assuring a gold standard of customer care is part of every employee’s vernacular and is the ultimate key to business success. The remaining portion of Jigsaw’s business comes from working with doctors, physical therapists, naturopaths and chiropractors who sell products in their offices.

Jigsaw Health has been in the Valley for more than 15 years. The organization’s goals are to help clients feel good with nutritional and vitamin supplements needed to live a full, happy and healthy life. For more information on Jigsaw Health and its products, visit JigsawHealth.com.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.