Photo courtesy of Arizona Live Music Cooperative

Music lovers and performers are invited to join the Arizona Live Music Cooperative (AZLMC) for a unique open mic experience every Monday night at Aunt Chilada’s, located at 7330 N. Dreamy Draw Dr, Phoenix. The event promises a dedicated space for music, free from the usual restaurant distractions, making each performer feel like a rock star.

The evening begins with a sign-up lottery at 4:30 p.m., with music starting at 5 p.m. sharp. Numbers will be drawn at the registration table to determine the order of performances. Each session accommodates 22 players, with each performer getting a two-song rotation. Given the popularity of the event, all slots have been filled recently, so there is a chance some attendees will enjoy the show without playing.

AZLMC aims to provide a professional experience for every performer, complete with pro sound, lights, and video. This commitment to quality ensures that everyone on stage feels like a true rock star. While the house keyboard is unavailable this week, performers are encouraged to bring their own instruments. Additionally, the event is livestreamed on AZLMC’s Facebook page, allowing a global audience to enjoy the performances.

Attendees can order food and beverages in the event area, which is separate from the main restaurant. While there is no requirement to purchase anything, a $5 donation to AZLMC is appreciated but never required.

This nonprofit organization is dedicated to creating a supportive community for musicians, providing a platform where the focus is solely on the music. The listening room environment is designed to eliminate distractions, such as clanking dishes or idle chatter, ensuring that each performance is appreciated in its entirety.