Information and Image Courtesy of TSMC

It’s been over a year since we’ve reported on the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) plant in North Phoenix, so we checked in with TSMC to learn the latest facts and figures, in addition to some history on the semiconductor fabrication facility.

Background and Updates on TSMC
• In May 2020, TSMC first announced its intention to select Arizona for its new, U.S. advanced semiconductor fabrication (“fab”) facility.
• The facility will have a 20,000 semiconductor wafer per month capacity.
• TSMC’s total investment for the project, including capital expenditure, will be approximately $12 billion.
• This investment will be the largest foreign direct investment in Arizona in the state’s history.
• As one of the most valuable chipmakers in the world, TSMC Arizona will play a vital role in onshoring semiconductor manufacturing, ensuring U.S. national security and promoting national economic competitiveness.
• The company purchased more than 1,100 acres of land in northern Phoenix (I-17 and the 303), and construction started in 2021 with production targeted to begin in 2024.
• When complete, TSMC Arizona’s 5-nanometer fab will be the most advanced semiconductor process technology in the United States, which will enable the U.S.’ leadership in the 5G and artificial intelligence era for decades.
• TSMC is expanding into Phoenix to recruit, employ and educate talented U.S. citizens and rely on research and development from the best American universities.
• The project will create 2,000 new high-tech jobs and generate thousands of additional jobs in Arizona for suppliers and other companies within the semiconductor industry.
• In April 2021, the company reached its first employee recruiting milestone for TSMC Arizona. Its first hiring class included more than 250 new employees from across the United States, filling roles spanning fab operations, human resources, as well as several technical specialists and engineers. Approximately 20 percent of this first class of TSMC Arizona employees hold an undergraduate or graduate degree from an Arizona university.
• Green manufacturing is the cornerstone of the company’s sustainable operations. TSMC regularly seeks to find areas of improvement spanning energy management, water management, waste management, and air pollution control, according to the company.

According to an economic impact analysis by the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, TSMC Arizona will:
• Create over 11,000 construction jobs and over 9,000 jobs at supplier companies.
• Generate an estimated $303.6 million in direct tax revenues plus $54.9 million in indirect tax revenues—for a total of $358.5 million in tax revenue to Arizona over a 10-year period.
• Create $1.5 billion of personal income, plus an additional $1.3 billion in indirect personal income for a total of $2.8 billion.
• Create $10.2 billion in economic output, with $6.1 billion in direct economic output, and $4.1 billion in indirect output.

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