Lifted Trucks has recently joined forces with Truckmasters and will now become Lifted Trucks Paradise Valley, located at 3110 E. Bell Road. Together, these two iconic brands have nearly a half-century of automotive and truck expertise.

“Since Truckmasters began in 1997, they have been a staple in the automotive industry,” says Lifted Trucks co-owner James Pillor. “It’s why we are so incredibly excited to welcome current and new customers to the Lifted Trucks family.”

The fourth location is located less than two miles from Lifted Trucks’ Phoenix location, offering customers even more options and convenience in the metro area. The Paradise Valley location boasts a change in display for the dealership with the website taking center stage at the front of the building showing as people drive by.

The interior of this location is unique and unlike any other dealership, featuring a modern industrial design, while retaining a warm, family friendly atmosphere, according to the company. The location also features samples of wheel and tire combinations along with a big screen video display for customers to see many of the trucks in action.

The exterior of the building matches the colors and pop of the trademark Lifted Trucks logo. Lifted Trucks breaks away from the typical car dealership stereotypes with its unmatched customer service and top-quality trucks, according to the company. Lifted Trucks has one of the highest rates of repeat customers and referrals in the auto industry.

“We strive for having the highest quality trucks, SUVs and cars available anywhere,” says Pillor. “While trucks do take center stage, we are adding even more inventory to our lineup.”

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