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Ashley Sayaloune, founder of Modified Movement, is expanding her practice and opening up a yoga studio to help more locals find relief from chronic symptoms through movement. The Modified Movement yoga studio will be open for business in mid-May on the corner of Shea and the 51 at 3241 E. Shea Boulevard, #7, next to Craft Nights.

“Modified Movement will be more than your average yoga studio,” Sayaloune shares.

She explains that she has created classes that modify a classical yoga practice to make them accessible for those that are struggling with chronic illness and painful movement. Through methodical sequences and the use of a variety of yoga props she is able to make yoga not only more approachable, but also a tool to find relief from chronic symptoms. There will be a variety of small classes offered weekly specific to ailments of the upper and lower body, arthritis, menopause and cancer care, to name a few. New classes will be added on a continious basis.
“My goal is to help more people that have been hesitant to join a movement program due to their limitations,” Sayaloune says.

“For many patients, after injury and/or treatment, their doctor will recommend that they start off with something like yoga,” she adds. “What they don’t tell you is: what kind of yoga, where to go, who knows enough to keep you safe, and who cares enough to keep you safe while you complete your journey of healing? The answer: I care enough. My primary goal is to help you build back both strength and confidence in your body while reducing pain and fatigue. This is the kind of therapy your doctor had in mind when she recommended you try yoga.”

To help put clients at ease, Sayaloune adds that she will be keeping class sizes small and will be taking every precaution to ensure a sanitary space to practice yoga amid the spread of COVID-19.

To keep up on the latest with Modified Movement, visit or follow along on social media at Facebook @modifymymovement and Instagram @modifiedmovement.