By Michelle Talsma Everson

If you’re purchasing a fresh-cut Christmas tree this year, consider heading over to the Christmas tree sale ran by Boy Scout Troop 41. The annual sale, located at 1104 E. Northern Avenue, is a long-time tradition more than 70 years in the making and features fresh cut trees from Oregon.

“Many boys from our troop come from all over the Valley to take part in this longstanding tradition while earning merit badges, serving the community, and learning skills that they carry with them for life,” says Angela Hutchinson, a parent volunteer with BSA Troop 41. “Our grower has a 200-acre Christmas tree farm that is located within a mile of the rampant wildfires in Oregon, but it was saved from the chaos due to the efforts of many volunteers and trained firefighters.”

According to the troop, there are no sales taxes on purchased trees. Because of the pandemic, they will be implementing masks and social distancing guidelines, and ask that all customers do the same.

“Our primary fundraiser continues to be the selling of Christmas trees,” according to the troop’s website. “The boys benefit from this experience by being able to go on a week long summer trip outside the state of Arizona. Some of the trips that we’ve done recently are hiking in and around Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons, exploring Southern Utah, and surfing in Ventura, California.”

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