Springtime in the Valley of the Sun brings about many activities and events. Spring training, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Break and of course Easter! But, let’s not forget the eight weeks leading up to Easter known as the Christian season of Lent! Religious or not, the eight Fridays starting in mid February are traditionally nights to go out to your local tavern or restaurant for a tasty fish fry. No place does this better than the Q Bar and Grill.

The Q Bar and Grill has been running strong in the Valley for almost 30 years. This tavern and eatery boasts two locations, one in North Phoenix and the other in Peoria. If there is one menu item that really says it all, it is the “Fresh Fish Fry” that is sold daily at both locations! However, you cannot beat the “All You Can Eat Fish Fry” served every Friday from open to close. Long time customer Cathy Argusa comments, “There is only one place in the valley for fish, and that is hands down The Q!”

This family owned restaurant was created and still continues to be owned and managed by the Rohlfing family! Starting out 30 years ago with 60 pounds of fish on their first week open. Today each location can easily go through 500 pounds per a week. All dipping sauces and the cole slaw are a secret family recipe. Owner Julie Rohlfing remarks, “I know my customers love our fish, but I think they are all equally addicted to the spicy cocktail sauce, rich tartar sauce, and the oh so good tangy cole slaw.”

Both locations do serve fish daily with different varieties to please every pallet. Fresh Atlantic Pollock is served on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday through Wednesday they feature a very tasty farm raised catfish, and on Thursday a light but buttery market cod out of the North Atlantic. Walleye is also served daily! But stopping by on a Friday for the all you can eat is the best bang for your buck!

Check out their website at www.qbarandgrill.org.