Since COVID, there has been an explosion of depression, anxiety, drug abuse, and many other mental health issues as people were under incredible stress and isolated in their homes. The percentage of people over 12 years old diagnosed with anxiety increased by four-fold since COVID with up to 37% of the population having a diagnosis of anxiety and many of those taking anti-anxiety medications.

Depression likewise increased by a factor of four from about 7% of the population to almost 31% of the population. Many folks with anxiety and depression turn to drugs, particularly alcohol or stimulants to help treat their symptoms. This only adds to the problem as then there is an addiction to deal with also! Did you know that many of those with depression or anxiety don’t get good relief from medication? Maybe this is you or a family member? You’ve tried two to three different prescription drugs without the results you want and you’re just stumbling though life rather than really enjoying life to the fullest? Maybe it’s time for a different avenue for help in resolving your symptoms?

In MeRT therapy (Magnetic Resonance Therapy), magnetic energy is given to the brain to tune your brain waves, much like a perfectly tuned guitar can make music versus the noise of a poorly tuned one. So the damage to the brain from our chaotic lives can be re-tuned to give us happiness, joy, focus, restful sleep, and a sense of peace! MeRT has given many suffering of mental health issues relief from their symptoms and gotten them back to a normal life when nothing else has worked. This may be just what you or your family member need!

MeRT therapy has been around for about 15 years now. Dr. Sosnowski has been at the forefront in Arizona, starting with MeRT therapy in October 2020 and getting the best results from MeRT in the entire country utilizing her background in functional medicine. MeRT has a proven track record for PTSD (it’s not only in veterans remember!), TBI (brain dysfunction from head trauma – giving anger issues, confusion, depression, anxiety, insomnia to name a few symptoms), depression, anxiety, insomnia, bipolar disorder, “brain fog”(forgetfulness), chemo-brain (yes, almost every chemo patient has some brain dysfunction), cognitive impairment, post-stroke brain dysfunction, autism, and autoimmune diseases of the brain – PANDAs, ALS, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease – MeRT therapy seems to shut down inflammation in the brain, really improving the function of the brain!

MeRT was initially tested in military veterans with TBI and PTSD and the results were profound. Not only did the veterans significantly improve symptoms by 60 to 80%, but many of those using drugs or alcohol to ease their symptoms were able to stop their drug of abuse after two weeks of MeRT therapy without any withdrawal symptoms. Today MeRT is the only treatment that the military recommends for PTSD and TBI.

Why haven’t you heard about this? Well, most likely because it works! The pharmaceutical and insurance companies will not make money using this therapy, so they don’t want you to know about it! Also, since it is still relatively new in technology terms, many of the diagnoses are not covered by insurance yet.

Dr. Sosnowski, the physician behind MVP Medical Care has been focused on brain health – getting our brain working it’s best from whatever is ailing us – for the last 10 years. She’s also a functional medicine specialist – so getting you off drugs and 100% back to yourself through testing, supplements, and lifestyle changes is the other half of her practice. She teaches that you have control over whatever medical issues you are dealing with currently!

Are you ready to feel your best after years of not feeling that way? Frustrated with the lack of care and answers you get from your provider? Tired of getting handed another prescription? Call Dr. Sosnowski at MVP Medical Care today for a free 15 minute discovery call that literally, may change your life! Call 480-588-7787 soon!