By Dr. Matthew Hernandez, knee pain expert at Ethos Integrative Medicine

Does this sound like you?

You’ve seen everyone for knee pain and are still left without solutions. You’ve tried ice packs and heat compresses, but it came back (or worse, aggravated it), chiropractic care only offered temporary relief, your physical therapist put you on the same exercises as everyone, the pain management doctor did a nerve ablation and told you to stop being active, and the orthopedic surgeon told you that you weren’t a surgical candidate…

Unfortunately, for many on the quest to conquering discomfort, their only option from healthcare providers is to “wait until it gets worse.” Here’s what they don’t want you to know: You can actually get relief now.
A Joint Effort
Jessie, who had been dealing with knee pain for six months, came to us for this exact reason: She didn’t want to resort to temporary cortisone injections, daily sleeping pills, or pain medication. She wanted a long-term solution.

“The worst part was not being able to do the activities I loved — running and cycling.” Despite three months of physical therapy, her improvement was minimal. An orthopedic surgeon also told her she needed to wait for the injury to get worse to consider surgery.

Solving the Meniscus Mystery
Recognizing Jessie’s frustration, we swiftly acted, confirming that a torn labrum injury in her hip was increasing stress into her meniscus.

We explained to Jessie how she had fallen into what we call “The Gap” in conventional medicine, and how regenerative medicine bridges this gap. Jessie chose to partner with us and underwent two treatments. In just four weeks, her pain had improved significantly, allowing her to return to the sports she loved: “I’m back to riding three to four times a week, and even signed up for a Ragnar race that my friends talked me into now that I’m running again!”

How Our Deep Dive Bridges “The Gap”
Jessie’s story is not uncommon; applying a one-size-fits-all approach left her without clear guidance or solutions. You don’t need to wait until it gets worse!

With our comprehensive Deep Dive (which includes our Pain Profile, 57-Point Knee Inspection, Precision Knee Scan, and Diagnostic Mapping Technique — all of which were used to confirm Jessie’s pain and guide her treatment strategy), we’ll not only get you an accurate diagnosis (and explain it to you!) but will also provide you with a personalized treatment plan to effectively treat your pain and prevent it from coming back.
Experience Lasting Relief Today
If you’re wondering what’s causing your knee pain and are eager for answers, call 480-573-6171 to schedule your Deep Dive for a pain-free knee with our specialists at Ethos Integrative Medicine, and scan the QR code below to access our FREE report, “Knee SOS: The Expert Guide to Decoding Your Pain.”