By Ava Hiniker

Anthem local Nicole Rowe made Miss America history this past winter when she was crowned the first official Miss Anthem. This title, along with the title of Miss Cave Creek, was added to the Miss America organization last year to offer ladies in the North Valley the opportunity to represent their local communities. Being raised in Anthem, Rowe knew that her understanding of local history and her willingness to work for what she believed in would grant her a chance to earn the new title.

“I was super excited about becoming Miss Anthem because I felt like there would be so many opportunities for partnerships out here,” Rowe says. “Especially since I have been a part of the Anthem community for the past 15 years, it means a lot that I can continue to be involved and be the representative I believe they deserve.”

This pageant was hardly Rowe’s first, as she entered the Miss America scene right after starting college at the age of 18. She has held multiple titles and performed community service across the Valley and globe. Juggling college, her personal life, and a grueling competition was not easy, but with steadfast determination and a desire to improve her community, Rowe set off on a voyage that left her friends and family immensely proud.

“From our perspective, this journey has shown us how much Nicole has matured and changed since she first competed,” says Rowe’s mother, Teresa. “Now, she’s at the other end of it and she is in the working world, with all the experience and maturity that gives you. It’s great to see her grow into such an accomplished and amazing young woman.”
Rowe has completed service work in South America, Nepal, India, Africa, and Romania in addition to her partnerships with many local charities. However, through her travels and experiences with all kinds of organizations, Rowe quickly realized that she craved more than what many charity operations were offering. As a result, she crafted her Miss Anthem platform around helping people find new ways to participate in charitable giving.

Rowe’s platform, officially titled “Charity the Responsible Way,” is focused on supporting charity operations capable of real, positive change in their communities. She understands that with so many options out there, it can be difficult for those interested in community service to find the right fit. Through actively working to share valuable information on sustainable ways to serve, Rowe strives to spread progress and improvement throughout the Valley.

“I believe everyone has good intentions when wanting to support, but sometimes there are people that don’t know how to do it in a healthy way,” Rowe says. “So, the biggest goal through my social impact is to be a resource in everyday life for people that want to volunteer in positive, sustainable, and regenerative ways.”

With this new title under her belt, Rowe is now devoting her attention to the upcoming Miss Arizona competition in June as well as her full-time career in social media marketing. Equipped with the passion for sparking change and the pride she carries in her community, she hopes to leave a lasting positive impression as she embarks down the road to Miss America.

To follow Rowe’s journey, check out her Instagram and Facebook profiles @MissAnthemAZ.