The Liberator
The Liberator brings to the screen a unique take on the stories of WW2 by presenting it in rotoscope animation. Following the story of the 157th Infantry Regiment from Italy to Dachau. Be prepared for the trial and tribulations associated with a war story. This is not your children’s cartoon. On Netflix November 11.

A reboot of the classic animated series. Just like the original series we grew up loving, the Warner siblings continue their antics. Despite its 20 year hiatus since they went off the air, the Warners and their compatriots are still outrageously funny. “OK, bye, bye, Lady!” On Hulu November 20.

A disabled girl lives a sheltered life with her mother in their home. As the story progresses, she slowly discovers that not all is as it seems and there is more behind this choice of living situation made by her mother. On Hulu November 20.

I Am Greta
A documentary about the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg and her impact on the world. This film follows Greta during her year off from school. Influencing the young and old alike, Greta shows us what could be if we all took the time to make a change. On Hulu November 13.

Amazon Plus
Uncle Frank
The story of a southern girl who wants to get closer to her uncle and his partner. They set off on a road trip which leads the uncle to confront his past and distant family; in the end, reaching a new relationship with his niece. On Amazon November 26.

The Mandalorian
Star Wars is back, baby! The returning adventures of the title character Mandalorian and the Child continue. Continuing to explore new worlds and meet new people, the adventures continue – now with a mission; finding a safe and loving home for the Child. New episodes weekly in November on Disney+.

Moonbase 8
Three of the most unlikely astronauts work to be chosen for NASA’s next moon mission. Subpar and nowhere near the top choices for the mission, these three have their work cut out for them and little to no support from the NASA team. On Showtime November 8.

The Reagans
A docuseries about Ronald Reagan and his family’s life during his presidency. We all know about Gorbachev, jelly beans, trickle down economics, and the attempted assassination. Now we receive a much more exposing and revealing story about the famous family themselves and the life they led when the cameras turned off. On Showtime November 15.