By Shelley Sakala

In the developing landscape of North Phoenix, where the desert sun kisses the horizon and the mountains beckon to hikers and bikers, a real estate shift is underway. As interest rates soar, creating ripples in the housing market, builders are stepping up their game, offering enticing incentives to pull potential buyers into the embrace of new communities.

If you’re in the market for a new home, you might be wondering about the impact of interest rates on your dream home aspirations. Fear not, for builders in North Phoenix are offering various incentives to sweeten the deal. As interest rates play hard to get, builders are playing even harder to attract buyers. But what exactly are these incentives, and where can you find these new builds?

New builds offer a number of advantages to buyers, including:
Modern amenities: New homes are typically built with the latest amenities and features, such as energy-efficient appliances, smart home technology, and open floor plans.

Low maintenance: New homes require less maintenance than older homes, as they are built with high-quality materials and construction methods.

Community: New build communities often offer a variety of amenities and activities for residents, such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and fitness centers.

The rising cost of housing and interest rates has made it difficult for many people to afford new builds. In response, builders in the North Phoenix area are offering a variety of incentives to buyers:

Free upgrades: Buyers may be eligible for free upgrades, such as stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, or upgraded flooring.

Closing cost assistance: Builders may offer to pay a portion of the buyer’s closing costs, which can save thousands of dollars.

Interest rate buy-downs: Builders may offer to buy down the buyer’s interest rate, which can make the monthly mortgage payment more affordable.

Here are some of the communities in North Phoenix that are currently offering new builds:
• The Foothills at Arroyo Norte from $755K
• Sendero Crossing from mid-$400K
• Copperleaf from $600K
• Valley Norte by Toll Brothers from mid-$400K
• Lennar at Middle Vistas from mid-$400K
• Union Park at Norterra mid-$500K

So, as you set your sights on exploring the exciting world of new builds in North Phoenix, our top tip is to bring an experienced agent from The Sakala Group along right from the get-go. The initial visit is paramount, providing your agent with the chance to advocate for you and navigate the intricate dance of contract negotiations.

We’re not just there to point out the upgraded countertops and scenic views; we’re also your strategic ally in the entire process. From selecting the perfect lot to deciphering which upgrades are worth the builder’s price tag and which you can tackle later, we are your compass. And when it comes to the final walk-through, our expertise ensures that every detail is examined, guaranteeing that your new build is not just a house, but a carefully crafted home.


Shelley Sakala is a local realtor and owner of The Sakala Group Real Estate.