By Lauren Subia
Photos Courtesy of Bikini Beans

Bikini Beans, the locally owned and operated coffee shop chain, will soon be opening up its fifth location in North 32nd. The new drive-thru coffee shop will be located on the corner of 32nd Street and Bell Road at 3185 E. Bell Road. The opening date is scheduled for early October.

Regina and Benjamin Lyles founded Bikini Beans Coffee in Phoenix in 2014. “The couple moved to Arizona from the world center for coffee roasting, Seattle, Washington, bringing with them ample expertise and a kindled passion for all things coffee,” according to the company’s official website. “With high entrepreneurial spirits amidst a sweltering state, they knew an ordinary coffee shop just wasn’t enough.”

The Bikini Beans brand is no stranger to pushing the status quo and breathing new ideas into a familiar concept. Known for its baristas who serve drinks in bikinis, according to the company, the goal is to, “represent empowerment, freedom, functionality, and togetherness.”
Bikini Beans’ other four locations are in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, and Peoria. At each location, guests can get their favorite coffees, teas, smoothies, and energy drinks.

“We are expanding throughout the Valley, and North 32nd Street has great opportunities for drive-thru businesses due to high traffic count,” says Benjamin Lyles, co-founder and CEO. “Also, we feel this area of town is growing with new businesses coming to the area and we want to be a part of this revitalization.”
“We believe in self-empowerment to do what you love and love what you do,” he adds.

Lyles assures that Bikini Beans is taking the same positive attitudes and great tasting flavors from its other locations to its new North Phoenix locale. “New and existing customers can expect the same quality and consistency Bikini Beans has been delivering for the past seven years in the Valley,” he says.

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