Photo courtesy of city of Tempe

In a move that blends sustainability with aesthetics, the city of Tempe is launching a lighting overhaul for the beloved Mill Avenue Bridges. As part of the ongoing Refresh Tempe initiative, the existing lights on both bridges will be replaced with energy-efficient LED bulbs. This project is set to be complete by the end of June, marking another milestone in the city’s steadfast commitment to enhancing the community’s infrastructure and quality of life.

Residents and visitors should note that there will be lane restrictions during working hours as the upgrade takes place. These minor inconveniences will pave the way for a brighter and more energy-conscious future for Tempe’s iconic bridges.

The lighting makeover forms part of a much larger canvas of development and beautification projects across the city under the Refresh Tempe initiative. This comprehensive plan aims to rejuvenate Tempe’s infrastructure and amenities, with projects scattered throughout the entire city.

Several Downtown Tempe projects are already in progress, heralding a vibrant and visually stunning season for the area. Local artist Kyllan Maney has added a new art installation to the west Sixth Street roundabout, introduced during the recent Tempe Festival of the Arts. Additionally, a fresh mural by Jayarr Steiner now adorns the intersection at Seventh Street and College Avenue.

The city’s commitment to beautifying public spaces continues with right-of-way landscaping upgrades along Mill Avenue, from Fourth Street to Rio Salado Parkway. This initiative includes the addition of new granite, shrubs, and trees, along with raised planters scattered in various locations.

Art and illumination will continue to merge with the introduction of intersection murals by local artists and the installation of festoon lighting along Fourth and Sixth streets near Mill Avenue. The charming crisscross of lights is underway and will bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to the heart of the city.

Other significant projects as part of the Refresh Tempe initiative include the Fifth Street – Farmer to College Streetscape and the Mill Avenue – Rio Salado Parkway to University Drive Streetscape, further showcasing the city’s commitment to its continual growth and community development.

Through these innovative projects, Tempe is lighting the way toward a brighter, more sustainable future, exemplifying how a city can maintain its charm while modernizing its infrastructure for the benefit of its residents and visitors.