Photo courtesy of the Town of Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley Police Chief Freeman Carney and his son, joined by a team of local law enforcement officers, have embarked on an awe-inspiring journey to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the world’s tallest peaks. Their aim? To raise funds and awareness for Angels on Patrol, a Phoenix-based nonprofit organization.

The 38-mile trek up the iconic Tanzanian mountain, which features a substantial elevation gain of nearly 17,000 feet, isn’t for the faint-hearted. The group, however, have spent months preparing for the challenge, putting in substantial time and effort not only in physically training but also in fundraising. Their preparation included several hikes, such as tackling Mount Humphreys and Camelback Mountain.

Carney commented on the intensity of their efforts, noting that they worked diligently, both in terms of training and raising funds. The tight fundraising timeline proved an additional hurdle, but the team remained undeterred.

Angels on Patrol was established in 2009 by Phoenix police lieutenant Jacqui MacConnell following a profoundly distressing case of child abuse. The nonprofit offers financial aid to police officers responding to calls where assistance is needed, particularly in instances of crisis. The organization has provided vital help to over 19,000 people since its inception.

In an act of dedication to their cause, each participant in the Kilimanjaro climb raised a minimum of $7,500 for Angels on Patrol. Their strenuous expedition up Africa’s highest mountain is expected to take several days, but the law enforcement group is more than ready to scale the heights for a noble cause.

This expedition showcases how the spirit of service extends beyond the call of duty for these Valley officers.