Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat and City Council unanimously appointed Councilmember Jon Edwards to serve as Vice Mayor and Councilmember Bill Patena to serve as Mayor Pro Tem for one year terms. Previously, Councilmember Michael Finn served as Vice Mayor and Councilmember Jon Edwards served as Mayor Pro Tem.

“The appointment of these positions is critically important as we take care to protect Peoria residents from any lapse in accountable leadership and proper representation,” says Mayor Cathy Carlat. “I am grateful for the extra support that Councilmembers Finn and Edwards provided to our community over the last year, and thankful that Vice Mayor Edwards and Mayor Pro Tem Patena will now represent our city in these important positions.”

The appointment of both positions is pursuant to City Charter, which states Council shall designate one of its members as Vice Mayor and a separate member as Mayor Pro Tem. Both positions serve in such capacity at the decision of City Council and at terms established by Council.
The Vice Mayor performs the duties of the Mayor during his/her absence or disability. This is a succession position in the case of the Mayor’s permanent absence. The Mayor Pro Tem performs the duties of the Mayor during the absence of both the Mayor and the Vice Mayor.

“Council and I remain committed to cohesive leadership that enhances the transparency, safety and long-term prosperity of our growing community,” says Mayor Carlat.

Councilmember Jon Edwards has a long history of service within the city in a variety of capacities. Some highlights include positions with the Valley Metro Board of Directors and graduation from the Peoria Leadership Institute, among many other accolades. He and his wife Brenda have been married since 1991, and they have lived in Peoria since 2001. The Edwards have three children who all attended local district schools.

Councilmember William (Bill) Patena was first elected to the serve the citizens of Peoria in November 2012 and was reelected to a second term in 2016. He spent the last eighteen years of his professional career with the city of Peoria as the Neighborhood Services Manager. During that time, he managed Dial-a-Ride, Public Housing, Community Development Block Grants and Neighborhood Pride Programs.