Perspire Sauna Studio, the original infrared sauna franchise to make natural health, wellness and beauty benefits available to individuals in an accessible and affordable delivery, is coming soon to Scottsdale and the Paradise Valley area. Slated to open this summer, this studio marks the second location to open in Arizona.

Located at 7001 N. Scottsdale Road at the intersection of Indian Bend and Scottsdale Roads, the 1,900 square foot studio will hold 10 private, top-of-the-line custom infrared saunas, each having the capability to hold either single or double person capacity.

“I’ve been a wellness enthusiast my entire life but predominantly so in my later adult life. I am familiar with a lot of health and wellness concepts and corresponding benefits, but after being introduced to Perspire, I immediately knew I had to be a part of this movement,” says Maureen Rzeppa, franchisee and owner of Perspire Sauna Studio in Paradise Valley. “The benefits Perspire’s infrared sauna and red light therapy provides are unmatched. There’s a demand for the science-backed treatment and I’m excited to bring it to the Paradise Valley and Scottsdale community.”

Perspire Sauna Studio combines a centuries-old practice with modern-day science and technology to provide guests with a holistic, full-body health and wellness alternative that complements and supports an active and healthy lifestyle. According to Perspire Sauna Studio, benefits range from detoxification, weight loss, alleviating pain, enhanced immunity, clearer skin, improved sleep, relaxation, and more. A visit to Perspire feels like a relaxing retreat, where guests can unwind with personalized entertainment all while experiencing the healing benefits of the infrared sauna experience. Sessions are typically 40 minutes and walk-ins are welcome.

As a nearly 30-year Phoenician, Rzeppa had a successful 20-year career working for a leading Valley high net worth investment advisor, ultimately becoming a managing partner and chief administrative officer. In 2020, that company was acquired, and Rzeppa began researching wellness franchise concepts to bring to her community.

“In addition to this studio, we’re planning to open two more studios in Arcadia and central Scottsdale within the next year,” she says. “The benefits are too good to not share with as many people as possible.”

Upon entering Perspire, guests are greeted with a consultation from a team member and are taken back to a private sauna room. Each sauna is outfitted with the ability to choose the temperature, entertainment, color light therapy, and high-intensity red light therapy, ensuring a multi-sensory experience. In addition, cooling towels infused with eucalyptus are provided after each session for maximum cool down and comfort.

Perspire offers affordable sessions, encouraging guests to add an infrared sauna experience to their regular health and wellness routines. To learn more about Perspire Sauna Studio in Paradise Valley, visit or follow @perspire.paradisevalley on social media.