By Brooke Hoyt

Arizona’s monsoon has arrived. The season can damage your home and drain your wallet. Simple maintenance can prevent the headache of future repairs. At Platinum Home Warranty, we’re dedicated to educating our customers on how to protect their home.

Without a home warranty, replacing damaged appliances can cost thousands of dollars, and a last-minute repair can cost hundreds. Before you need to spend money on repairs, here are some tips to protect your home during these massive storms.

If lightning strikes your home during a monsoon and you’re not prepared, it can cause some serious damage. Connecting electronics to high-voltage surge protectors can help prevent damage caused by strikes. The sheer power of lightning can short electrical systems, potentially damaging valuable appliances and electronics if not protected.

Basic clean ups in the backyard before blustery winds hit can help prevent a home from being swallowed in debris. A clean yard prevents leaves and trash from going in a clean pool and clogging pool pumps. A cover over your pool is a simple and easy fix to make sure leaves and other trash stays out of it.

Valley storms can prevent outdoor A/C units from operating at peak efficiency. After a dust storm passes, turn off the unit’s power and spray it down with a hose to keep it running efficiently. If your electricity goes out, give the A/C unit time to reset itself when the power comes back on before you call your home warranty company. Sometimes this can take up to 10 minutes.

Be sure to prepare your home for the worst this monsoon. Nature has a mind of its own and most home warranties do not protect against “acts of God”. Following the steps listed above will help prevent the need for repairs. For more information on how to best protect your home during Arizona’s monsoon, visit our blog at

Brooke Hoyt is the Vice President of Operations at Platinum Home Warranty, a locally owned and operated company located in Scottsdale. Platinum employs their own service technicians for most trades, offering home warranties and a full retail division to meet the needs of homeowners in metropolitan Phoenix. To learn more about how Platinum can help you and your clients, head to