In a world where health consciousness is on the rise, and our physical bodies are outliving our cognitive function, most people are familiar with the usual advice: exercise regularly, eat healthily, avoid smoking, and manage chronic conditions like diabetes. However, what many don’t realize is the crucial role of treating even the mildest (Stage 1) hearing loss or tinnitus plays in reducing the risk of dementia. This vital connection is the cornerstone of the Hearing & Brain Centers’ mission, led by Dr. Keith Darrow, the only Harvard Medical and M.I.T.-trained neuroscientist in private practice audiology.

The Unheard Truth About Hearing Loss and Dementia
Dr. Darrow, a renowned neuroscientist and audiologist, is at the forefront of a health revolution, emphasizing that treating hearing loss and tinnitus is the number one most modifiable risk-factor in reducing dementia risk and equates to a larger impact than all other mid-life factors combined. His expertise is not just academic, but also from his time in the research lab at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary; and even personal. With family experiences shadowed by dementia, Dr. Darrow’s passion for preventing cognitive decline is both professional and deeply personal.

In his latest books, “Preventing Decline,” and “Silenced” Dr. Darrow presents compelling scientific evidence. He reveals that addressing hearing loss is more impactful in deterring dementia than combating obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and increasing physical exercise combined.
Innovative Treatment for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus
Dr. Darrow brings the Hearing & Brain Centers of America to Arizona with offices in Paradise Valley, North Scottsdale, Glendale and three new locations slated for 2024 around the metro-area. His vision includes closing the gap between the longevity of the physical body and decline of cognitive health, which is currently a 12-year gap, for the 42 million Americans in need of treatment for hearing and tinnitus conditions. These centers are not just about traditional hearing aids; they represent a comprehensive approach to medical treatment for hearing loss and tinnitus, focusing on improving overall cognitive health and wellbeing while contributing to the prevention of decline.

A Comprehensive Approach to Treatment
At the locations, patients receive personalized care plans from a team of seasoned doctors and specialists who are specifically trained in Dr. Darrow’s academic, research, and treatment approach, which is backed by a 100% Treatment Guarantee.

Regular Hearing Evaluation and Cognitive Screenings: A Critical Health Measure
Dr. Darrow emphasizes the importance of regular hearing evaluations and cognitive screenings, starting at age 50, to detect early signs of damage to the auditory system. Untreated hearing loss, and tinnitus, can lead to social isolation, a major risk factor for dementia. By treating hearing loss, patients can remain socially active and engaged, significantly reducing their risk of cognitive decline.

A Vital Resource for Physicians and the Community
The Hearing & Brain Centers are not only a haven for patients but also a valuable resource for local physicians. By educating both the community and healthcare professionals with regular FREE Community Education Seminars, Dr. Darrow’s team is building a more informed approach to overall health and the prevention of decline. Call the office to learn more about attending a FREE event.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment
Patients can anticipate a thorough evaluation of their symptoms and medical history, followed by a detailed discussion of treatment goals. The center’s unique approach includes a comprehensive assessment to determine the stage of hearing loss or tinnitus, ensuring tailored and effective treatment plans that begin on your first visit.

The Medical Outcomes Associated with Treatment
The Hearing & Brain Centers’ treatments aim to enhance the quality of life, increase cognitive function, reduce dementia risk, alleviate tinnitus symptoms, and decrease the risk of falling – the number one reason for injury related incapacitation and death for aging individuals.

Statistical Evidence of Success
The centers boast an impressive 85% success rate in reducing or eliminating tinnitus and a 96% patient satisfaction rate as the highest rated hearing healthcare team in America. Their treatment plans, uniquely designed by Dr. Darrow, have shown a 45% reduction in listening effort. Moreover, they address the heightened risk of falling associated with hearing loss, a critical concern for senior health.

Special Offers and Resources for Readers
For those interested in learning more or beginning their journey to better hearing, reduced tinnitus and improved cognitive health, several resources are available:
• Get a free copy of Dr. Darrow’s book at
• Call the office at 602-641-4179 to begin treatment or sign up for his next free event!
• Watch an online presentation by Dr. Darrow at
• If tinnitus is your primary concern, visit

Dr. Darrow’s pioneering work at the Hearing & Brain Centers of America is more than just audiology; it’s a crusade against cognitive decline, offering hope and tangible solutions for a brighter, healthier future…adding life to your years!

Learn more about this groundbreaking approach by increasing your health literacy and then taking action to prevent decline at or call 602-641-4179.

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