The Peoria Unified School District’s graduating class of 2021 acquired over $72 million in scholarships to post-secondary institutions, making this a record year for scholarship recipients. This amount includes scholarships for vocational schools, in-state and out-of-state colleges and universities, merit-based recognitions, private donor, and athletic scholarships. Liberty High School celebrates a record year with their graduates securing close to $16 million in scholarship monies.

A breakdown of the Peoria Unified high school scholarship amounts includes:
• Cactus: $4,476,417
• Centennial: $15,036,471
• Ironwood: $14,866,334
• Liberty: $15,946,414
• Peoria Flex Academy: $500
• Peoria High: $6,528,536
• Raymond S. Kellis: $5,936,988
• Sunrise Mountain: $9,918,668
Total: $72,710,328

Sylvia Lopez, who is in the top one percent of graduates from Liberty High School, plans on pursuing industrial engineering at ASU in the fall. “One thing I learned from my engineering class at Liberty High School is that I was smart enough,” she says. “Being in that class helped me gain confidence…I’m so grateful to the people around me, to those at my school, my family…all those who helped me realize I could do it.”

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