Republic Services, Inc. is proposing a new site for a recycling and waste transfer facility to serve the Northwest Valley.

The proposed location is in an industrial area by the Loop 303 and comes after considerable community outreach and review, according to the company.

“Part of being a good neighbor means listening and responding whenever possible,” says Stephen Herring, municipal relationship manager for Republic Services. “We appreciate the thoughtful community input. This new location achieves our primary goals of keeping recycling costs and trash disposal rates low while also addressing residents’ concerns.”

The WestWing Recycling & Transfer Facility would be built near 123rd Avenue and Hatfield Road on land that is already zoned for industrial uses.

The 10-acre parcel is adjacent to the WestWing Power Station and was specifically chosen because of its direct access to the 303, which keeps truck traffic off residential streets, according to Republic Services. As part of the site’s construction, Republic Services proposes building a new road from the 303 to the industrial site in response to community concerns about increased traffic near neighborhoods and on local thoroughfares. The company estimates there will be six truck trips an hour to and from the facility.

Republic Services shares that other benefits of the proposed facility and site include:
• No offsite odor or noise impacts
• No added traffic congestion at Happy Valley and the 303
• Blocked from view by freeway barriers
• No impact on property values
• Limited operational footprint
• Preserves recycling programs and keeps residential bills low

Plans call for the WestWing facility to utilize state-of-the-art technology, including misting systems for odor and dust control, netting for bird migration, nightly cleaning of the tipping floor and closing of bay doors, as well as required tarps for all inbound vehicles.

Republic Services shares that the rapidly growing Northwest Valley is currently the only region in Maricopa County that does not have a transfer facility. Even so, the proposed WestWing station would be among the smallest of the Valley’s existing 32 transfer stations. Plans call for the proposed facility to be about the size of a retail drug store.

This new transfer station proposal comes after Republic Services decided not to pursue building a transfer facility near 115th Ave and Happy Valley Road due to community tension and feedback. Even though the company touts benefits to the new proposed location, many community members still have concerns that range from increased traffic to noise to diminished home values.

As of press time, the Facebook group “Happy Valley Says NO to a Waste Transfer Station” had more than 4,300 members, a vast majority of who appeared to be against the new proposed location. Republic Services’ employees are also members of the same group and continue to offer communication and replies to concerns. City of Peoria officials are currently encouraging Republic Services to listen to residents’ concerns.

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