In a breakthrough that promises to redefine physical therapy, Benevilla’s Benefitness Adaptive Gym, is thrilled to introduce the innovative Smart Glove to its suite of rehabilitative tools. This interactive device is designed to be worn on the hand, aiming to enhance dexterity in the fingers, wrist, and hand, along with improving shoulder mobility.

The Smart Glove, using state-of-the-art sensors, captures and quantifies movements of the forearm, wrist, and fingers. It gamifies the rehabilitation process with entertaining activities designed to stimulate and increase hand and arm functionality, thereby presenting a novel approach to mobility enhancement.

The primary objective of the Smart Glove is to aid the brain’s natural ability to rewire itself following a stroke, physical injury, or brain injury. This device transcends the scope of traditional resistance bands, creating occupation-based hand exercises within a dynamic virtual reality environment. The program provides multi-sensory feedback, an array of engaging games and activities that adapt to the user’s progress, customizable goals, comprehensive session tracking and evaluations, and continued support.

Each session is overseen by a Benefitness expert, who tailors your goals and strategies based on real-time data from the Smart Glove, ensuring proper execution of exercises. Benefitness participant, Joe M., says, “Since using the Smart Glove, I’ve been able to drastically improve the use of my fingers, my wrist, and moving my arm back and forth.”

Led by Director Lorrie Karn, Benevilla’s Benefitness Adaptive Gym is committed to making physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle accessible to all, irrespective of physical ailments or early onset diagnoses like Parkinson’s, dementia, or MS. Unlike conventional gyms, Benefitness provides adaptive equipment tailored for individuals with limited motion, wheelchair users, and those who are differently abled.

Karn is excited over the introduction of the Smart Glove. “It’s another innovative and exciting way to help those in our community with different abilities, special considerations, and ongoing clinical needs. All our programs aim to enhance our members’ quality of life, improve their strength and balance, and boost their ability to perform routine daily tasks,” she says.

In addition to individualized and small group classes focusing on balance, stability, flexibility, joint range of motion, muscle elongation, cardiovascular training, muscular resistance training, and core development, Benefitness is also one of only 900 global locations offering “Rock Steady Boxing,” a unique, non-contact boxing-inspired exercise program developed specifically for individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

For caregivers, Benefitness offers a special “Caregiver Retreat,” a serene space designed for relaxation, conversation, and connection with others facing similar challenges.

Founded in 1981, Benevilla is a nonprofit family services agency committed to enhancing the lives of West Valley residents by providing care services for older adults, adults with disabilities, children, and families. For more information about the Smart Glove, membership programs, or to schedule a free tour of Benefitness Adaptive Gym, 16752 N. Greasewood St., Surprise, please call 623-584-0065 or visit